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Are silk pillowcases worth the cost?

For the past two weeks I've been sleeping on my new silk pillowcase from Ecosa.

Let's start with the product.

Ecosa uses 100% pure Mulberry silk and their pillowcase is advertised as the world's thickest silk, 3 times more durable than other silk product, and is uses 6A long strands of silk so it's the world's highest grade of silk.

And now the context.

My husband, and I sleep on the Koala king sized mattress, bed base, and 5 of the flippable Koala pillows. He has sensitive skin that is prone to oiliness, and runs hot, while I have normal skin but am highly allergic to dust mites, have hay fever, and I run cold. So for us, what we have on our bed is very important.

We change our sheets weekly, and wash the pillows every two days. Lastly, I sleep on my right, and slightly downwards, and he sleeps on his right but upwards.

So how was the sleep?

No more bed head.

The biggest improvement was to my hair. With silk, your hair just rubs the pillowcase, instead of catching onto other fabrics like cotton. Now my hair is naturally wavy so unless I sleep on silk or satin, I'll wake up with tangles and knots that make getting ready or work tiresome. I noticed less breakage from sleeping on silk, which is attributed to the reduction in friction.

Did you know that cotton pillowcases strip moisture from your hair which leads to more breakage? Did you also know that silk doesn't?!

Better for your skin, especially in the long run.

Sleeping on silk feels like the pleasure of running your hands across your freshly shaved legs. You gotta let someone else feel how smooth it is! Sometimes he wakes up a bit flushed, but the silk remained cool all night, and wasn't abrasive like cotton can be.

Remember all those times you woke up from your sleep and your face looks like unfolded origami because of all the creases? Yeah, silk doesn't do that to you.

Silk pillowcases reduce the signs of ageing on your skin because it's gentle, smooth, and doesn't such the moisture from your face.

A better night sleep!

All my pillows are hypoallergenic and silk is too. The pillowcases didn't collect dust, didn't aggravate my allergies, and seriously, felt so good.

Also as mentioned, my body runs cold while his runs hot. The Ecosa pillowcase is temperature regulating, so it stays cool for hot skin, and warm for cold skin.

So if you care about your body, grab yourself a silk pillowcase. It's truly worth it!

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