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My lasting bouquet

Roses that last a year. I repeat, roses that last a year.

Yesterday marked the launch of revolutionary Sydney based online luxury florist My Lasting Bouquet who sell beautiful rose bouquets that last a year. All of the roses are real and can survive so long as they are treated with a special solution that stops the growth of the roses at their peak. So full blooms all year round!​

This Sydney florist's luxury roses maintain their real soft shape and touch throughout their life, and smell absolutely astonishing.

If you live in Sydney, good news! They offer free Sydney wide delivery. My Lasting Bouquet also services the rest of mainland Australia. According to their website, delivery to the US will be an option in the near future!

But how do you take care of something that lasts a year? Don't water them, avoid direct exposure to sunlight and heat, and don't remove them from their box.

My Thoughts

They're beautiful, and to think I can have them in my bedroom for a year without a wilt in sight! For myself, the best part is the letter that comes with the bouquet. The letter comes hand written in an envelope that is wax sealed. How many people or businesses send their letters wax sealed? The price is quite larger than other florists I've seen, but it is understandable due to the longevity of the roses, integrity of the flower, quantity of flowers, and the overall presentation.

The roses come in a high quality white or black gift box, and a glass dome you can have on your desk to channel your inner Beauty and the Beast moment.

What arrangement for who?

You can choose from seven types of arrangements, or you can get a custom bouquet. As it was my birthday, I of course had to choose white and baby pink to match my presents!

The roses come in the following colours: red, dark pink, baby pink, white, baby blue, navy, black, rainbow, metallic gold, metallic silver, metallic rose gold.

As for your bouquet choices, these are the provided options:

Le Mini Rose - for the woman who doesn't need a dozen roses

A Lasting Dual - what I was gifted

Lastly, thank you to the lovely staff at My Lasting Bouquet for their beautiful gift the A Lasting Dual!

If you'd like to order a bouquet, or have any event florist enquiries, click here

Follow their Instagram at @mylastingbouquet

All photos by Avenoir Productions

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