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Qlabo Skincare Review

I had the opportunity to review some items from the Qlabo Natural Science Skincare range this week. The items I will be reviewing are:

Collagenerous Advanced Youth Rejuvenator 30ML

Eauphoria Complete Moisture Treatment 30ML

Collagenerous Advanced Youth Rejuvenator 7ML (Travel)

Skin Context

I have always had 'normal' skin, where I have no oiliness, or dryness, and wear makeup almost every day that I go to university/work/outing. But something I've noticed the past three days is that my skin has been getting a somewhat oily appearance as the day progresses. I put on matte powder on top of my makeup, and oil control setting spray! There was no change in my routine: same makeup, same diet, same exercise, same sleep cycle. Maybe it could be due to the extremely strong antibiotics I've had to take for my respiratory infection?

Initial Packaging Impression

I loved the crisp white, and blue packaging with gloss, metallic text. I prefer my skincare to come in very clean, almost medical-like packaging as it assures a sense of professional grade strength, and authenticity to their claims. The sizing of the products are generous, not flamboyant, and have a clear depiction of branding.

Product Claims

The front of the packaging says that the Collagenerous Advanced Youth Rejuvenator is "time travel for skin in 15 days". Whereas the description on the back of the bottle says "Relish the lift-off as wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed".

With such a short time span claimed to view results, I will be posting another review in 15 days to tell you all if there was a significant alteration in my skin. As I'm only twenty, I am covered in wrinkles, but do have a sudden oiliness which I'm hoping these products will assist with.

The Eauphoria Complete Moisture Treatment says it is to be done after washing, and prior to your beauty regime. Therefore, I will be reviewing these products after religiously having my daily regime:

Wash face

Apply Eauphoria Complete Moisture Treatment

Apply Collagenerous Advanced Youth Rejuvenator

Apply makeup

Day One Review

This afternoon, I took a hot salt bath to relax, took a shower, and applied the recommended pea-sized amount of Eauphoria Complete Moisture Treatment across my face using my fingers. I was happy that there was instant absorption, and no oily residue left on my skin which I get for a few minutes from my usual anti ageing cream. The smell of the product was nice, and the pea-sized amount was sufficient to moisturise my whole face.

Next I applied the Collagenerous Advanced Youth Rejuvenator and was even more impressed. The cream felt like Aloe Vera gel cooling, and refreshing my skin, and felt slightly tight as it quickly absorbed. It also didn't leave any oily residue on my skin, and even got a comment of "you look really smooth" from my fiancé who didn't know of the latest Qlabo skincare products part of my arsenal!

As it was the afternoon, I didn't apply any makeup on, and had a nice relaxing cuddle while watching Gilmore Girls from Season One .

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