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Working with Motorola

With our smartphones, and bags bulging with electronic gadgets, I wanted to take you all a few years back in order to reveal the future!

Do you remember your first phone?

I remember one of my first mobile phone EVER was a Motorola V60. I was in grade 2 and I had to have a mobile phone because my older sister had extracurriculars so I would have to catch the bus home by myself. The Motorola V60 was a small, but fat flip phone with a tiny little screen, but was seemingly indestructible because of all the times I would throw it for literally no reason other than I'm a child.

I was one of the first kids in my grade to get a mobile phone, and I remember taking photos of random things like shoes, and lady beetles. It would be a few more years until the selfie obsessed kween would come out hehe!

I would decorate my phone in the pop up stickers, and and played the three games on it in rotation. But the point in all of this is that Motorola and I go way back. It's a brand I've always known about, and it was an important aspect of my childhood that I guess helped make my way into the technologically interested person I am today.

And all I can say is, it is a blessing.

This particular blessing is an exciting collaboration has just commenced today between Avenoir Productions, and Motorola!

Motorola launched a brand new range of phones called the Motorola Mod Z, with accessories that integrate with the phone to create a seamless experience for utilising our phones. I can't wait to show you all the exciting new content Albon and I will produce using our new Motorola Mod Z and the True Zoom Mod.

For the Motorola Mod Z launch, I styled fifty pieces from my wardrobe to make numerous flay lays for Motorola Mod Z attendees to photograph. Attendees got to be be hands on with the new Motorola Mod Z True Zoom Moto Mod while getting a cool flat lay stylised by myself. While I styled, Albon was the photographer using our Motorola Mod Z and True Zoom Moto Mod!

Albon and I will be posting several pieces of content to highlight the capabilities of the new Motorola Mod Z. I'm sure that just like my first Motorola, there are plenty of fun memories ahead!

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