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Love comes in all sizes

As I near my sixth anniversary with my partner Albon, I am reminded about the different stages of love we have endured, and enjoyed together. But what is love to begin with? Scientifically speaking, love is just bodily chemicals. It’s in our DNA to love, and to seek love.

When we are attracted to someone, numerous regions in our brain activate, including those that are associated with reward, and motivation. Being in love reduces our anxiety, increases our trust, and reduces the likelihood of impending negative emotions of the person we love.

Basically, love makes us vulnerable, willingly vulnerable, to the person of our love.

Our hypothalamus, and pituitary glands release oxytocin, and vasopressin which triggers the stimulation of more dopamine. You know, the addictive neurotransmitter. When we’re in love, even the sight of the person we love triggers our body to predict the reward. Their smile, their touch, their presence. Being in love makes us addicted to the other person.

To me, love is the continuous decision, and actions based upon that decision, to choose someone every day, through every decision. When our bodies see them, and when we make them happy, our dopamine reward system goes crazy. We become more addicted the happier we become.

But love can be difficult. We are not always patient. We are not always kind. Sometimes we are envious of one another, and boastful of when we are right, and they are wrong. The problem with loving someone so much is we are flawed, and sometimes forget what is means to choose someone, to love them.

And I, have sometimes have not been as loving as I could be. The times have been numerous on both sides. But the point is not to despair in the failures of us being human. But to see our mistakes and learn from them.

Throughout my relationship with Albon there has not been a day where I didn’t love him. There were moments where I was angry, or saddened, but the choice to continue loving someone is stronger than mere moments.

When someone means so much to us, we need to make sure we show them how much we love them. There’s the little things like asking how their day was, or making sure they bring a jacket on a cold day, and running them a hot bathe after a stressful day at work.

But then there’s the grand shows of love, the ones you tell your friends about, and reminisce to your grandchildren many years in the future.

Some of the most memorable presents from Albon haven’t been large in size, and instead come in a small box with a neatly tied ribbon on top. Like the promise ring he presented me when we first started dating, and told me that he’s in it for the long run even though we were both so young. Or the pearl necklace he had made for me. And especially the engagement ring he presented me on our fifth anniversary

A new gift of love is the handmade, double sided, sapphire earrings I received from Boccai. They are set in glistening steling silver, plate din white gold, and adorned with sapphires.

Boccai has an incredible new summer collection that embraces the cool Australian waters with it’s blue motif, with the brightness of the Australian summer in the white gold plating of the pieces. I’ve always been one to ask Albon for gold pieces, but there’s something about these sterling silver earrings that keep my heart at rest.

What is your favourite present you've received in a little box?

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