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Rosie Campbell's - Jamaican Rum & Jerk Diner

Yesterday I feasted at Rosie Campbell’s in Surry Hills with none other than Kara from Kara’s Rum Quest. This regular after work haunt of my coworkers is a rum bar, famous around Sydney for it’s vast rum varieties, and it’s signature jerk chicken. It was a booze filled occasion that was happily spent with Kara aka the biggest rum fan I know.

The Place

Walking up to Rosie Campbell's we were greeted with bright yellow window decor that screamed RUM, and the most hospitable waiter. Stepping into Rosie Campbell is like setting foot in a retro Jamaica with it’s vinyl records mounted on the walls, and every other inch covered is Jamaican paraphernalia. Think brightly coloured tiles, palm leaf print backdrops, and glossy, wooden tables. The chairs were a mixture of cushioned diner seats, and darkened bar stools. There was a clear colour scheme of cool blues, and warm yellows that resembled more, and more like the beach the more rum we consumed.

And of course, the bar is decked out in every type of rum you need for a boozy occasion.

The Drinks

As mentioned, Rosie Campbell's supplies a great variety of rum. We were greeted with delicious cocktails that were adorned with mint leaves, bananas, pineapples, and a little something that made me go whoa. Best part about their cocktails is some are served in coconuts cups just in case you forgot that they're the best Jamaican rum bar this side of Sydney!

The Food

Ain't no baby like a food baby. The food at Rosie Campbell's was so mouth watering, and filling that I had legitimately had the best nap when I got home. As they are a Jamaican rum and jerk diner, the stand out was definitely their grilled jerk chicken that is marinated, and served with coconut rice, peas, and fresh lime! The red stripe beer braised oxtail that is slow cooked for 9 hours was delicious, but if you don't like fatty meats, it's best to stay away. However, if you're like me and searches for great pork ribs every damn place I go you need to try the "Dem Belly Full Ribs". At the bargain price of $20 (um, what?!? So affordable!) it is slow-cooked pork spare ribs, jerk marinade, crunchy pork crackling, and fresh lime that is served with house-made sunshine slaw. Can you say delish?

The Atmosphere

As we did go during our lunch break (hello boozy world of advertising), it did have low foot traffic when we arrived but was banging as we were towards the end of our meals. Rosie Campbell's is a regular haunt at my agency due to it's close proximity, and vibrant atmosphere. Scouring through their social media, it is obvious that it is a popular place to hang out in Surry Hills.

So do I recommend Rosie Campbell's? Hell yes.

This review has been sponsored by Rosie Campbell's.

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