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The Wedding Super Elixir

On our fifth anniversary, my fiancé proposed to me. It was the 1st of February 2016 and it was one of the happiest days of my life.

We haven't decided upon anything yet for our wedding, as we'd like to focus on our careers, and put a down payment on a house. But how do you prepare for something important that you know will come eventually?

Well, one of the promises you make to your partner is to love them in sickness, and in health. As someone with a family history of various cancers, diabetes, dementia, and all sorts of other conditions, my health is so important to me. I don't want to vow myself to my fiancé without knowing I have made sure I am giving my best, including in health.

The Super Elixir is so unbelievably delicious, and it's perfect knowing how great it is for me. It's like a delicious treat without the guilt!

But what's in it?

The Super Elixir is an all organic, alkalising greens powder that is jam packed with 45 different nutrients to create a powder that is simple, easy to make at home, and unique in it's ingredients. Some of the ingredients include Aloe Vera which is great to fight the ageing process, dandelion which removes harmful toxins from your liver, and kelp which stimulates your metabolism!

So why do I love that I get to take it?

Our bodies take longer, and find it harder to digest synthetic ingredients in our foods, so having an all organic drink that is completely beneficial for my health ensures that I can lead a healthier life with extra peace of mind.

Instead of harmful ingredients in some weight loss drinks that are loaded with laxatives, The Super Elixir contains a mixture of four probiotics to encourage healthy PH levels in your gut so you have less bloating, and a flatter tummy!

Now when I do start planning my wedding in a few months time, I'll know that I truly am promising a long life with him.


The Super Elixir from Welle Co for $145AUD (international shipping available)

Dress from Elliat

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