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Decadent Gaytime Birthday Cake and Dinner For Ten

Yesterday was my 21st birthday, and I am currently awaiting my flight to Los Angeles where I'll stay for a few days before heading to New York.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who helped make my birthday beyond special which includes my fiancé Albon, his loving family, my group of friends, and also the amazing Lauren Tran who made this Gaytime flavoured cake! For those who are unaware of the Golden Gaytime aka Australia's national treasure, it is a caramel/vanilla ice cream that has a thin layer of chocolate, and covered in biscuit crumbs.

Lauren Tran is a gifted baker in Sydney's western suburbs who worked with me to create a Gaytime flavoured cake adorned in gold flakes, macarons, matcha sticks, white chocolate, raspberries, strawberries, and real roses! It was at an almost divine level of deliciousness, and it was a tragedy to have to cut this artwork to devour. I could have honestly just had it sit in my kitchen for me to stare at lovingly but the flavour was too unbearable to miss!

Lauren Tran, also known online as @lozbakes_ has made countless cakes for all types of occasions with each cake painstakingly made to the most minute detail for optimal deliciousness! Tran dedicates an entire day per cake! She bakes the cakes from scratch using her own recipes, fills, ices, and carefully decorates each cake to have it's own unique personality. When asked about the process she said that "it's a long but satisfying process to see a cake built from nothing into it's final form".

For my cake in particular, I asked her to create something feminine, floral, sweet, and decadent. I wanted a cake that embodied by love for warm colours, preference for the feminine, and also my personality. She took my inspo photos, and my brief to create this masterpiece of a cake! Tran said that she "love[s] doing waterfall designs because they draw the eye down the whole cake. You get to take in the entire masterpiece rather than focusing on the top. Decking the whole cake out with different crazy shapes, and details will also make sure you don't just look at one place. Every part of the cake gets to be examined because you'll never know what you'll see!".

I definitely recommend this little ray of sunshine for any cake needs you may have in Sydney! You can contact her here.

As for the actual day....

Albon treated me to a couple's aromatherapy massage at the Varda Spa, a rejuvenation facial treatment, lunch at QVB, and organised us to have dinner with our group at Adria on Darling Harbour!

I would also recommend Varda Spa if anyone is looking for some TLC in Sydney as the masseuses are all so friendly, the essential oils smell amazing, and the treatments leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on life, or just a calling nap!

Below are just a few more images from my birthday dinner. Now I'm off to Los Angeles to start my holiday!

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