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Classy Invitation Boxes For Your Groomsmen

For most, a wedding is planned by a bride to be, and her trusted team of closest friends. So what does the groom get to decide?

Who his groomsmen will be, and how to invite them!

Asking Your Best Mates To Be Your Best Men

The people who stand by your side on your wedding day are those who you’re closest to, who have been through your relationship with your significant other, and they deserve a proper invitation like your proposal. While the groom doesn’t need to bend down on one knee to ask his best mate to be his best mate, there’s still some special things you can do to ask for the coveted positions of being in the groomsmen.

Just like how I invited my friends to be my four maid of honours, my fiancé chose to ask his friends to all be his best men!

My fiancé is a very classy, well-spoken, and well-dressed man who wanted his invitation boxes to have the same level of minimalistic sophistication he hopes for our wedding. He even asked while looking dapper in his Tarocash ‘Pink Marty Texture Shirt’! Below are the products he included in his invitation boxes, and why.

What To Include

BHLDN Blush Solid Gift Set from Tie Bar x BHLDN

Tie Bar is a celebrity favourite for affordable, and stylish menswear accessories with a colour/texture range as expansive as their celebrity following! This particular gift set is a collaboration between Tie Bar, and BHLDN which is bridal dress store.

The Blush Solid Gift Set includes a handmade blush tie that is 80% linen/20% silk, pink lined and predominately white pocket square, and silver tie bar. This is the essentials kit of any groom, groomsmen, or even a man dressing for any formal occasion! What makes this gift set amazing for weddings is that the colour scheme of the items actually compliment similar dresses sold on BHLDN like the wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, and even their accessories!

What makes this gift set amazing for weddings is that the colour scheme of the items actually compliment similar dresses sold on BHLDN like the wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, and even their accessories!

Now argyle is one of his favourite patterns as it is often associated with collegiate, preppy leisure, and lifestyle.

These socks from Tie Bar compliment the BHLDN Blush Solid Gift Set so I would recommend they are bought together! The argyle blush pink socks are 65% Combed Cotton, 32% Polyamide, 3% Elastane so the socks are a perfect balance of stretchy, and fitted.

As they contain polyamide which doesn’t absorb a lot of moisture, and won’t feel itchy as some socks cause.

The perfect compliment to a mens wristwatch is a simple, but elegant pair of cufflinks. They are the little touch that really transforms an outfit into the formal dress code the occasion calls for.

The Classic Cuff Link by Tarocash is the perfect pair of cuff links as they are versatile due to their minimalistic design.

Please note that not all formal shirts have the holes for cufflinks. Some brands nowadays have created a revamped version of the classic button up shirt to possess both a button, and a cuff link hole.

As our wedding will be by the beach on hopefully a sunny day, we have included a pair of ZeroUV glasses that each groomsmen have picked themselves.

As all heads are different, just as everyone has a particular sense of style, I recommend allowing the groomsmen to pick their glasses or get their significant other to help choose.


One of the best parts of wedding planning is knowing you don’t have to plan your hens/bucks night, it’s all on the bridal party to plan! What better way to toast to your last days as a bachelor than to include your/their favourite alcohol of choice.

Finishing Touches

Now you can’t just hand the groomsmen the products one-by-one. Pick a box that matches your theme, is not extravagant, and doesn’t take away the wow factor of the contents in the box. Allow space between the products, and use a filler like gift paper to add volume within the box.

My fiancé wrote a little message on the front, and back of the lid which I absolutely loved!

You can also include other touches such as monogramming the pocket squares, including shirts, providing gifts cards to your favourite barber, or adding something sentimental to each groomsmen.

We would like to thank the sponsors of the invitation boxes: Tie Bar, Zero UV, Tarocash.

What items would you include in your invitation boxes to your bridal party? Let me know your suggestions in the comment section below!

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