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Koala Mattress Summer Sheet Set & Duvet Review

I have been sleeping on what can only be described as a slice of heaven, the triple threat, and most soothing place to slumber: the new Koala Summer Sheets set, Koala Plush Pillow, Koala Memory Foam Pillow, and Koala Mattress!

Below are facts about the products, the materials used, warranty, the trial period for each product, and my genuine opinion.

About The Koala Sheets:

The Koala Summer Sheets Set, and Duvet is made out of TENCEL which is made of eucalyptus fibres. It has been designed in Sydney, and made in China by a TENCEL manufacturer who has made TENCEL for over a decade.

The Summer Sheet Set, and Duvet come in the cutest packaging - storybooks!

The Summer Sheet Set comes in the book box “Sleepy Koala” with a story about a sleep koala on the inside cover, and the Duvet comes in a book box “Dreamy Koala” with a story about a dreamy koala! The boxes are meant to kept as storage for the sheets. Due to high quality of the sheets, it would be best to store the sheets in these boxes instead of just trying to stuff them into your closet (don’t pretend like you don’t).

The Summer Sheets Set comes with a fitted, sheet, and 2 x pillow cases, and is available for single, king single, double, queen, and king sized mattresses! As Koala sells only standard Australian sized mattresses, the Koala Summer Sheet Set is compatible with all standard Australian mattresses.

The fitted sheet comes with handy tabs on the inside which let you know if that corner is for the ‘head’, or ‘foot’ of the bed. This takes away the problem of trying to figure out which way the sheet is supposed to fit! They also have “deep pockets” which means you can completely cover the mattress in the fitted sheet without worrying about it slipping off!

The sheets, and duvet come in either Pebble Grey, or Cloud White, and have a definite sheen to them due to their high 390 thread count, and smooth, nano-fibril fibres.

With your sheets is a secret gift of laundry liquid that is eucalyptus, and lavender scented so you can wash them when you first get them!

What Is Tencel?

TENCEL is the world’s most sustainable fibre, is environmentally friendly to produce, and uses no pesticides/genetic manipulation to create! Another reason why TENCEL is made in a closed process which allows 99.5% of solvents to be recovered which minimises wastage, and requires no chemical processing.

Koala’s TENCEL fibre is soft to touch, and smooth on a nano scale which makes it unbelievably smooth, and almost silk-like. TENCEL is actually a cellulosic fibre that absorbs body moisture into the hollow structure of the fabric which cools down the body, then dissipates the heat into the air, and is effectively anti-bacterial as it has no moisture film for bacteria/mould to breed.

Is Thread Count Important?

The sheets have a 390 thread count which is calculated by the sum of the vertical, and horizontal yarns per square inch. Unlike some brands like Bed Bath & Beyond who have been caught out trying to trick the thread count by having counting each thread by the fibres/plies. So what one brand will call 1 thread, another one would call 4. Koala had put their stamp to go away with dodgy thread counts, with their promise of 390 thread count with is a 90% TENCEL, 10% French Linen blend.

Thread count does matter when purchasing sheets but many companies have had "creative calculations" to try dupe consumers that their sheets are superior. It is impossible for sheets to have over 400-600 thread count depending on the fibre type as that is the maximum amount of threads capable in a square inch.

Pat Slaven who is a textile expert at Consumer Reports has stated “Now you see 1,000 thread count sheets but you just can’t get that many threads on a loom. It ups the count but doesn’t give you a better sheet. The sweet spot is 400."

My Review of Koala Summer Sheets

I LOVE the Koala Summer Sheets Set and Duvet as it is the most luxurious feeling bedding I’ve ever had, and I previously have been an avid silk sheets lover for years!

As I have naturally wavy/curly hair, and am obsessed with high quality anti ageing products, having great bedsheets is important to me. When you have bad bed sheets that either have low thread count, retain heat, and/or are abrasive, it takes a toll on your body.

The nano-fibril nature of TENCEL makes it great for anti-ageing, hair care, and those with sensitive skin! This is because the fabric is extremely smooth that you just glide across. This smooth nature causes no irritations to your skin, doesn’t leave creases on your face, and lack of friction doesn’t make your hair prone to breakage during the night as you get with cotton.

I have been using the sheets with my king size Koala mattress, and the new Koala Plush Pillow, and Memory Foam Pillow. The pillowcases are slightly larger than a standard pillowcase so they can slip on easily onto the pillow, but fit snug onto the pillow cases. In the past week I've been sleeping on the sheets, pillowcases, and duvet, nothing has slipped out.

The sheets are also cool to touch as they are breathable, and don’t retain moisture. My fiancé is a hot sleeper who doesn’t usually sleep with a blanket/duvet on, whereas I am a cold sleeper who always needs a blanket/duvet. As the sheet set, and duvet removes the heat off your body, dissipates heat into the hair, and doesn’t absorb moisture, my fiancé, and I can both have a good night sleep in a perfect thermal equilibrium.

Koala Warranty & 120 Night Trial:

One of the great things I find about Koala as a consumer is that they provide a length trial, and warranty. For the sheets, you can trial them for 120 nights at home. If you don’t like it, you just contact Koala at to organise return, and get a full refund.

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