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Ana Balahan: Custom Flower Girl Dresses

Meet my adorable flower girls Allie, and Cassie! They are Albon’s nieces, and I love whenever they come over as they are so fun to babysit, and are so sweet.

A few weeks ago we asked them to be our flower girls for our wedding in September by giving them a mini bouquet of roses, and tiaras. They were ecstatic! Their mother told me they spent that night practising how they would walk down the aisle.

For two very special girls I knew I had to get very special flower girl dresses for them. For Christmases I’ve given them a mini version of my handbags because they love matching with me. So for their flower girl dresses, I tried to get them mini versions of my wedding dress.

Searching For The Right Dress

My wedding dress is an off white ballgown design with blush tones, crystals, and lace throughout. Just like your bridesmaid dresses, the flower girls dresses shouldn’t be exact matches to your dress.

So I was looking for something white, ballgown shaped, with pink tones. But wherever I looked online, or in-store it seemed like the prices of flower girl dresses were hundreds of dollars! Now I’m a price conscious person, especially when it comes to my wedding. I see no need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on one day when I could invest it in our honeymoon, or first home.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the amount you spend on your wedding is not an indication of your love for one another.

After weeks of searching, I found the brand Ana Balahan on Etsy. Her flower girl dresses were the realisation of a fairytale. All the dresses were beautifully crafted white gowns of tulle, lace, ribbons, and crystals.

I knew I had found the place I would get my flower girl dresses!

What I Chose

After an hour of umming, and ahing at her vast range, I settled on a simple tulle dress that had an interchangeable ribbon. I had the girls mother measure the girls, and I ordered 1 size bigger than they were.

The Dress Fitting

The turnaround period on the dresses was only 2 weeks! I invited the girls over, and their eyes lit up seeing their dresses. They were twirling around, and kept staring at the mirror saying they looked like princesses.

The dresses were very specifically loose on them which was perfect as they would grow into it by the time the wedding came. I gave my feeding to Olga, the beautiful owner of Ana Balahan, who informed me that altering the dresses was very simple: just take in the sides!

This post has been sponsored by Ana Balahan. All opinions stated are my own.

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