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Veriu Broadway Bespoke Hotel Review

My body is so relaxed. Over the weekend, my fiance, and I had the pleasure of a romantic staycation at Veriu Broadway.

About Veriu

Veriu is a bespoke chain of hotels in Sydney which offer peace, comfort, affordability, and all in close proximity to Sydney’s key entertainment areas.

They have four locations: Broadway, Camperdown, Central, and Randwick. We had the pleasure of visiting Veriu Broadway which is actually just one street away from my old high school!

Their hotels are like hidden wonders of Sydney: in a quiet spot of a busy place. You can truly find amazing local favourites nearby, are within walking distance of famous Sydney tourist spots, and then retire at night for some well deserved rest.

Veriu Broadway is on the street behind Broadway Shopping Centre, allowing you quick access to the shops, Victoria Park, and beautiful but not crowded cafes.

The entire hotel is decorated in a raw contemporary style meets Parisian Cafe Chic. Light wash timber, minimalistic furniture, exposed brick, industrial cement finishes, cafe style seating, with kitsch decorations.

The lobby was like walking into a well maintained antique store meets hipster cafe. All the chairs were comfy, the walls decorated with bits, and bobs, and all receptionists were also baristas so you could receive complimentary coffee!

Hotel Hospitality

My fiance, and I work full time but as I have the opportunity to work from home sometimes, I chose to work from home on Friday to check us in at 4pm (check in starts at 2pm).

From stepping into their lobby, I was greeted with professionalism, and hospitality by the receptionist. She offered me a coffee from their onsite barista (oh how could I resist?), and then I was greeted by Rory the Hotel Manager who could possibly be the friendliest Hotel Manager I've ever encountered. Rory raved about the nearby places to explore, unsuspecting but quality places to eat, and offered to have parking free of charge. Now if you've never been to Sydney, you wouldn't know why that's such a big deal. Sydney has one of the highest parking fees ever, and finding a parking spot can take up to an hour during weekends in the CBD.

They shook my hand, handed me my hotel keys, and I made my way up to my suite: 409.

Our Suite

It was beautiful. Furnished like a modern apartment but with the space of a luxury penthouse, they had put me in the Studio Heritage Balcony Suite. With 38m2 of space, the suite had all the fittings of a home.

The kitchen had with stove, oven, dishwasher, and the shelves were stocked with food...

The bedroom had an enormous king sized Ubed with four plump pillows, and overhanging duvet so nobody can hog the sheets...

An intimate dining table for two people to share a meal, or four during company...

An entertainment area with contemporary style sofa, coffee table with books about Sydney's beauty, and a 48” LED Smart TV with Foxtel, and Netlifx...

A spacious bathroom with a shower built for two...

And a large balcony overlooking Glebe so you can enjoy the rustle of the trees, or chirping of birds in the sunshine while you sip your morning coffee.

Why stay anywhere if they don't have services for you to utilise? Not only is Veriu nestled nearby great places, Veriu offers free bicycle hire, babysitting recommendations, complimentary coffee, breakfast service, and all staff are qualified city guides!

Our Stay

We stayed from 4pm Friday until 11am Sunday morning as we had a late check out. As residents of Sydney, and previous frequents of the area during my high school days, we took on this staycation as an opportunity to just relax in bed.

When my fiance arrived at 10pm on Friday (went home from work, then went to the gym, and then drove to the city), we had a late dinner in the CBD. We enjoyed the warm Summer night before going back to cuddle in bed, and devour the complimentary cheese platter Veriu had provided.

Saturday morning we slept in until 10:30am, made a coffee with our suite's Nespresso machine, and had a tinker with Handy, the complimentary smartphone that told you cool things to do in Sydney. My fiance brought our Xbox One from home, so he set it up, and we played Call Of Duty in our pyjamas for a few hours, ordering UberEats halfway through, and we were happy. That's all we wanted, was a quiet weekend to unwind from a busy week of office jobs.

At around 2pm, we started getting ready for our afternoon, and night plans. I went away to have High Tea in The Palace within Queen Victorias Building (still walking distance) with my bridesmaids, and he went early to our friend's house for BBQ.

Once we were done my bridesmaids, and I took the train to our friend's house for the BBQ, drinks, and games before Albon, and I ubered back at 11:30pm. Back at the hotel, the streets were still bustling with life but the hotel was so serene. Everyone that worked there just seemed so calm, and content, and the guests kept to themselves.

After requesting a late check out, we darted up to our rooms, and called the rest of our night for ourselves.

Sunday morning we slept in again, cherishing the late check out they graciously provided us. Check out was so simple, they honoured the parking provided, we enjoyed a cappuccino, and then drove off to Barangaroo for lunch, and a stroll.

I'd like to say a big thank you to the team at Veriu for your amazing service, and hospitality, and to for providing this opportunity. All opinions stated are my own.

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