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B2C Furniture Dining Chairs Review

It’s no surprise from my earlier blog post about the Koala Serenity Dining Table, and Koala Curved Dining Chairs that I’ve wanted to replace the chairs for something else. They were honestly a nightmare to assemble, was missing important holes in it’s design so faulty, and I think just a bit too clunky that sitting with a full table was quite tight.

So I went looking for new dining chairs, and had a few boxes I needed ticked. That’s when I found the Bella Hardwood Dining Chairs by B2C Furniture in the natural frame with beige upholstery.

What is B2C Furniture?

B2C Furniture is a new furniture brand in Australia that focuses on creating sustainable, affordable, hard wearing, and high value pieces that can be used in Australian households for years instead of being another fast furniture craze. They work with ethical furniture manufacturers to create their solid hardwood pieces.

If you want to see their pieces in person, they hav e a showroom in Sydney, and in Melbourne.

What is the quality like on B2C furniture?

The Bella Dining Chairs are so sturdy, comfortable, and look beautiful in our home. We chose to get 6 chairs as we have a 6 seater dining table but honestly the chairs look so good that they could be an accent chair in any room.

As the chairs are made using real, solid rubber wood, the natural veneer varies slightly from chair to chair but only minimally. Slight variations of the wood’s grain is a characteristic of real timber so if you do want chairs that are completely identical you could opt for something that has been painted.

Are B2C Furniture chairs comfortable?

The Bella Hardwood Dining Chairs are satisfyingly comfortable! The chairs are a cushioned seat, and backrest made with an eco-friendly linen that is soft to touch, and pleasing to look at.

Are the B2C Furniture Chairs difficult to assemble?

Not at all! The chairs came in 3 boxes so 2 chairs per box with each box pretty easy to carry by one person. The instructions were really straight forward, and it took my husband, and I about 30 minutes to assemble all 6 which included taking the pieces out of the boxes.

How fast was the B2C Furniture Delivery?

We ordered on Thursday 15th of September, it was booked for delivery from Melbourne on Friday 16th of September, and delivered to our home in Sydney Monday 19th of September. The live tracking made it simple for me to see where the boxes were, and the driver called me the morning of delivery with an estimated time frame he would be delivering the boxes.


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