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Best sheets for naturally curly hair

A few months ago I decided to embrace my naturally curly hair, and take the steps to better my lifestyle through small but long term decisions.

First up was my hair, and how I treated it. I have a long history of dyeing my hair, and getting weekly blowdries at my favourite hair salon in the city. But ever since dyed it back to a darker shade, followed the curly girl hair method, and upped my bedroom I’ve seen significant improvements to my hair.

What is the curly girl method?

Well, long story short the curly girl method is a set of rules for those with naturally curly hair to maximise their curls, replenish their hair, and remove products that prevent the first two things from happening. Examples include not using heat products, going no-poo (no shampoo), and not using hair products with sulphates as it is a detergent that is too drying to curly hair.

My experience doing the curly girl method

As mentioned I used to get my hair professionally blowdried every week so it was quite a change. Thankfully I saved money from my salon appointments, and reinvested the money into high quality, and curly hair friendly products.

My hair transition has been slow but steady improvement to my hair, and also my decision making skills for choosing the best products for me. It made me read more about what was on the label of products I had so willingly lathered into my hair, and onto my body for years of my life.

So now with this newfound appreciation, and desire for curly hair friendly products, I turn your attention to the Koala “All Season” Sheets which is made of 100% eucalyptus tencel fibres.

Why are proper bedsheets required for curly hair?

When looking for bedding perfect for curly hair you’re looking for something smooth, reduces friction, doesn’t absorb moisture, and breathable.

Your curly hair needs all the moisture it can, and poor quality bedding, and inadequate bedding fibres absorb the moisture in your hair leaving it frizzy. Cotton bedsheets are especially bad for curly hair as it soaks up a lot of your natural sebum, and the friction of you rolling around can even promote unnecessary breakage.

Why are Koala’s Tencel Sheets perfect for curly hair?

Firstly, Koala’s All Season Sheets are made completely free of harmful chemicals so it’s perfect not only for curly hair gals but also people with sensitive skin!

The 100% eucalyptus tencel lyocell fibres are naturally soft to touch, and even when viewed under an electron microscope it shows that the fibres are extremely smooth so it glides on your skin meaning no friction. In fact as it is 100% made of tencel that means it is tension-free with no electrostatic charging!

In combination with this twill weave, the tencel design provides enhanced breathability. The natural fibres are structured to regulate the absorption, and release of moisture so it keeps your body cool, doesn’t soak up your natural oils, and dissipates the moisture.

So does it have a curly girl’s approval? I definitely recommend this from one curly haired girl to another.

Invest in your own Koala 100% Eucalyptus Tencel sheets by using my code BUNNY10 for 10% off at Koala.


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