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Best Sydney lingerie store for sexy lingerie

Everyone knows that it’s important to keep trying in a relationship. You don’t stop making them feel loved, respected, cared for, and being a person they can trust, and confide in.

But do you remember to have that relationship with yourself?

My relationship with my body has been a journey, and for a while now it’s been a healthy relationship. I eat right but I don’t restrict myself, I drink plenty of water, do yoga daily, meditate when I’m upset, do 1-2 hours of cardio daily, and do some weight training.

When I’m upset, I do my best to calm down by either meditating, going for a run, or talking it through so it doesn’t burden my peace any longer.

When I’m hungry, I’ll eat something nutritious not just filling.

And just like in a relationship with your partner, I give myself gifts I want for me, and just me to enjoy.

So here is a little something from me, to me: the Little Miss Priss maid costume, and Maybelliene Pink Robe from Cloudblvd.

I’ve been following this store for ages because I’m obsessed with all their lingerie. Many bra companies design bras for bigger cup sizes for comfort, and support without including some sexiness to it. Unlike them, Cloudblvd keeps it spicy! As someone with (and yes, it's natural before I get another DM on Instagram) double D's it's a nice change to get a wider variety of sexy lingerie to choose from.

Here are also some of my favourites:


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