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Blush Bedding from Boohoo?!

The global fast fashion powerhouse that is Boohoo now sells bedding…and homewares!

If you’ve never stumbled across any of my socials before, I love decorating, and know a thing or two about soft furnishings, and bedding.

It came to no surprise that the seller of probably any fashionable item you want at an affordable price now sells affordable bedding.

This set in particular set is called the blush option of the Panasonic Duvet Set in king sized. It’s made of 100% polyester. The top half has a tessellating zigzag pattern, and the underside is plain/smooth.

As with most bedding, it’s recommended to be washed under 40 degrees with either air drying or low tumble dry only.

It's pictured here in one of our spare bedrooms as it compliments the soft, pastel touches to the room.

As I have naturally curly hair, and my husband has sensitive skin from a history of cystic acne we won't be sleeping in this set since we need to use only silk or tencel. However, I believe the Boohoo bedding range is a perfect first step for people looking for affordable bedding, or looking for new decor to style/stage their home!


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