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Maximise your bedroom stay during self isolation

I've been in self-isolation for over the past three weeks due to having fever symptoms after travelling to the Philippines for a funeral. Thankfully, my COVID-19 test came back negative, and all my symptoms are gone.

What this also means is that I've been very acquainted with my bed including working from home, and just getting adequate hours of sleep! Here are my tips to maximise your lockdown in your bedroom:

Plenty of supportive pillows

My husband, and I sleep with 5 pillows, and have 6 decorative cushions that we remove before we sleep. All of our pillows are Koala Pillows because they’re super supportive for our necks. The Koala Pillows are flippable so one side is firm, and the other is soft. My husband sleeps on the firm side, and I sleep on the soft side as it’s lower profile which suits my shorter shoulders.

A snuggly duvet/doona (or two)

We use a cool duvet/doona during Summer, and an extra warm during winter. Ours are the Gusstarr duvet, and Rodtoppa duvet which are both from Ikea.  These are great as they are a cotton and lyocell blend so they’re breathable, don’t absorb moisture, and so soft to snuggle inside. For the extra fluffy bed look, try double up the duvets. I do this when taking photos of our bedroom!

A supportive mattress

We’ve been sleeping on our Koala Mattress has over 3 years now, and we’ve never had better sleep! We used to sleep on an Ecosa mattress which is made of memory foam which became so hot, and sweaty especially during Summer that we had to get rid of it about three months into using it.

I’ve talked about how it feels sleeping on a  Koala Mattress heaps of times (seriously, so good). Just remember that like any mattress you need to air it out about once a month, and rotate it (not flip) once every 6 months. 

Brightening plants or flowers

One sad thing about self isolation is just that: it’s yourself isolated. For us, we’ve been living with his family as we saved up for a house (2-3 months left of construction!!), and Sookie our pomeranian is here, and happy. If you live by yourself, or your partner doesn’t get to work remotely during this lockdown, it gets pretty lonely. When it’s just me, I like having an arrangement of fresh flowers in a vase, the windows open, and plants across our balcony. It helps keep a positive mindset by surrounding yourself with things to be positive about.

Surround yourself with art

We have lots of art in our bedroom and we’ve gotten heaps of art for our house. Staring at four white walls, and rotating between your laptop, and phone can be uninspiring. Decorate your line of sight with images that inspire you. My favourites are from Carmel Jenkin who does figurative art, prints from Desenio or Olive Et Oriel, or block art paintings from Golden Hour by Claire Bebsy. We also have lots of photos together because what is more inspiring than wanting to provide for the ones you love?

Take breaks, and set clear schedules

If you’re like me, and working from your bed it can be hard to distinguish when your personal time, and work starts, and ends.  Take regular breaks in between to walk around, get a glass of water, play with your dog, feel the sunshine, and have a meal. Set clear times for you to start, and end your work day. Once it’s the end, stop working.

I hope this helps in any way! Stay home, stay safe, and best of luck x


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