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Monverre Personalised Glassware Review

Buying gifts for my husband can be fairly difficult as he’s not a big fan of “things”. We buy what we need, and want but base our buying decisions on the longevity of the product.

Such as…

Is this product durable?

Will I get multiple uses out of it?

Is it worth the cost?

Is this the best version of the product based on my needs for it or is there a better alternative?

We’re buy nice not buy twice kind of buyers.

And for context, we also love a great quality beverage. Our liquor cabinet is full of premium wines, whiskeys, bourbons, rums, and champagne.

But you wouldn’t drink a $200 bottle of whiskey out of a flimsy cup would you? It’s an experience having a nice drink.

That’s why we opted to get the Rockford Whiskey Tumbler Set from Monverre.

We were drawn to Monverre’s personalised glassware as the reviews showed that they sell high quality European glass which we see for ourselves is weighty, sturdy, and dare I say, beautiful.

Monverre is a Melbourne based company that offers free monogramming for that extra touch. You can pick to monogram initials, dates, or symbols.

For us, we picked our initials. So one glass for him, and one for me.


This glassware set was gifted by the brand. All opinions stated are my own, and in no way edited, or controlled by the brand.


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