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My HCF & SAN Hospital Swaddle Program Experience

When my husband, and I decided to start trying for our first child in 2021 we switched to a HCF private health insurance package that ensured we had complete pregnancy cover.

What is the HCF No Gap pregnancy cover?

HCF is a not for profit private health insurance provider which partnered with the Sydney Adventist Hospital to provide No Gap Pregnancy coverage.

The No Gap Pregnancy Cover has been valid since 2020 to any expectant mothers who have a valid Medicare card, and have been on the insurance plans that feature maternity & birth related cover for at least 12 months.

This means that you pay no out of pocket costs for your entire maternity, and birthing experience with exception to the $500 hospital levy which you pay during your first hospital stay each year.

What’s covered within the HCF, and SAN Hospital Swaddle Program?

According to their website, the partnership between HCF, and the Sydney Adventist Hospital means you pay no out of pocket expenses for:

  • The entire care with your obstetrician including every appointment, consultation, time during delivery, and their management fees

  • Anaesthetist costs, including any out of hours services.

  • Delivery suite, theatre costs and ward accommodation.

  • All ultrasounds provided at Sydney Adventist Hospital and San Ultrasound for Women

  • All pathology provided through San Pathology and Douglas Hanley Pathology

  • Paediatric consultation following birth.

  • Natural and caesarean births.

  • All care if the baby needs to be admitted to the Special Care Nursery

What have I paid during my pregnancy while on the Swaddle program?

Firstly, we pay just over $200 per month (you’ll need to contact HCF for a quote) for our private health insurance.

I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks, and saw my local GP to get the required referral to see my obstetrician.

Due to some gestational health complications, I have seen my obstetrician fortnightly for the first few weeks, and then weekly since 30 weeks.

During this entire time, I have had fortnightly ultrasounds, and blood tests, as well as being referred to 2 different specialists: an oncologist, and a blood pressure specialist. At 34 weeks I was hospitalised for a week for monitoring. At 37 weeks I was hospitalised again due to those gestational health conditions that meant I had to be induced via c-section.

My son also had to spend several days in the Special Care Nursery due to being underweight, and just hit the marker for jaundice.

The only costs to me have been the $500 health care levy which we paid during my first hospital stay, and $300 each for the oncologist, and the blood pressure specialist appointment which was heavily subsidised by Medicare so I only paid around $150 combined after the money back.

In contrast, many mums I know who aren’t covered by this program have had to pay thousands of dollars for their pregnancy care through the private hospital system including the ultrasounds which are around $300 per session, and obstetrician management fees of around $5000.

Is there flexibility where you see the obstetrician?

At least with my chosen obstetrician, I was able to see her in my local private hospital which is Norwest Private, as well as Sydney Adventist Hospital.

What has my Sydney Adventist Hospital stay experience been like?

Really great to be completely honest. The facilities are really nice, all the nurses have been so helpful, every specialist including my obstetrician has given me all the information I needed to make well informed decisions without feeling pressured, and I love the privacy of the suites.

I’ve stayed in both the maternity ward, and the birthing unit, and the suites are spacious, clean, and has lots of facilities. My husband has been able to stay with me the entire time, and prior to the labour, actually hooked up his work laptop to the tv via our HDMI cable, and was able to work within the room so he could maximise his parental, and annual leave for my labour, and when the baby is actually here.

I had stayed in the SAN hospital for 6 nights/7 days the first stay for monitoring, and then 5 nights/6 days when I gave birth. And all I paid was the $500 hospital levy thanks to my private health insurance.


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