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Period tips at home

Your period.

That time of the month.

Visit from Aunt Flo.

Moon cycle.

Crimson wave.

Your menstrual cycle is called many things but one thing I've never called it is a joy. I feel bloated, my boobs hurt, I cry about little things, and I just feel blue.

Below are some ways you can make checking into the Red Roof Inn more enjoyable.

Wear period panties

About a year ago I made the switch from tampons to period panties. I've shared a review of Modibodi here! And why did I stop using tampons? Well, it's all to do with our mother earth, and what the time of the month does to her.

As mentioned in my Modibodi review,

Do you know the average woman has 456 periods in her lifetime based off the average 36 years we get them?! That racks up to a staggering $19,000 across your lifetime just on dealing with our periods.

The average woman also buys nearly 15,000 pads, and/or tampons in her lifetime!! And all of those pads, and tampons have heaps of plastic packaging, and contain polyethylene plastic which is a pollutant. Pads are 90% plastic, and it's all ending up in landfill. In fact, if you stick to pads, and tampons, you'll generate 125 to 150kg landfill just from your menstrual products! And all these plastic based menstrual products will take centuries to disappear.

Instead you could be spending a minimum of $25 a pair, or $167.50 on a 5 pack of light to heavy/overnight panties from Modibodi which you can use over, and over unlike your tampons. They're great to use because they can contain about 4 tampons worth of blood, don't feel sticky while being used, and to clean them just rinse them under cold water then chuck it in your washer.

And if you're like me, and love white sheets, you can still have them during your period! I've been using the Modibodi Overnight Boyshorts (pictured) which gives you complete protection throughout the night from any leaking, or spills.

Change my diet

In fact, 85% of women report symptoms of PMS including bloating. The bloating is caused by fluctuations in your hormones estrogen and progesterone. To combat period bloat, I reduce how much salt/sodium I ingest, avoid alcohol, and take magnesium tablets.

For 15% of women, they say their period pain is so bad it interferes with their ability to work. Focus on eating green vegetables that are rich in iron and B vitamins so you don't feel lethargic, drinks the recommended 8 glasses of water to reduce bloating, snack on nuts to feel fuller for longer, digest iron rich lean meats to offset what you lost that month, and

complex carbs to stablish your mood, and ward off the cravings.

Get some cosy lounge wear

The last thing I want to wear on my period is something tight fitting because of bloating, and general feelings of puffiness. I've been loving the cute sweatshirts from FemmeLuxeFinery. I especially like to wear the black cropped long sleeve jumpers because I can pair them with high waisted leggings or trackpants for the ultimate comfort while my body recreates the elevator scene in The Shining.

Pictured: me dreaming of when I wasn't on my period


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