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Vorsen Florence Arm Chair & AR Tool Review

Boucle seating has made a resurgence, and there’s no signs it’s going to stop. Just look at any lifestyle blog, inspo Instagram feed, or home Pinterest board, and you’re bound to see boucle gracing a room.

What is boucle?

Firstly, boucle is French for ‘curled’ or ‘looped’. It’s used to describe both the yarn, and upholstery fabric created from a series of looped fibres that gives it it’s almost piling style appearance.

Boucle is popular as it adds an extra sophisticated texture to a space, cosy to snuggle into, it’s breathable so doesn’t retain moisture, and is incredibly durable.

Due to its textured appearance, boucle is most commonly used in curved style furniture such as my new armchair from Vorsen.

Who is Vorsen?

Vorsen is an Australian based company that creates high quality commercial, and residential furniture.

Since launching in 2012, they pride themselves in their impeccable designs, competitive pricing, bespoke pieces, and of course, outstanding customer service. Just one look at their reviews on third party review sites like Google spouts them at 4.8/5 with an array of positive customer reviews beaming about their comfortable yet aesthetically pleasing furniture to the positive hospitality throughout their buying journey.

Vorsen Florence Arm Chair Review

We absolutely love the Vorsen Florence Arm Chair, and it makes a perfect reading chair in our home office.

The Florence armchair is beautifully curved especially on the armrests which have an ideal amount of padding so you can really sit back, and relax comfortably.

Is Vorsen furniture comfortable?

The Florence Arm Chair’s backrest is high which is perfect so my entire spine gets support.

The seat cushion has a slightly upward curve due to the padding so it’s soft, comfortable, and has the slightest bounce without that annoying plastic sound that cheaper, fast furniture brands may have.

As the entire chair is padded in foam, and wrapped in boucle, it’s all extremely comfortable so you can even lay across it with a good book, and call it a day.

Are the Vorsen colours true to the photos?

The chair matches exactly to the on-site photos.

The Florence Arm Chair comes in 3 colour options, and we picked the white, boucle fabric. Our home office is mainly black, and white with a few plants, and a lot of gaming pieces. What really drew us to this armchair other than the design was that it was a cool, white undertone instead of warm undertone. Our walls are a cool greyish white, and all furniture in this room has cool undertones.

Does Vorsen furniture take long to assemble?

The Florence Arm Chair came in one large box, and the courier delivered it straight into my home. The chair was in 2 pieces - the metal legs, and the chair itself. As the chair is large it required 2 people to move around but assembly took under a minute.

I love that there wasn’t an excess in packaging like some of the furniture we’ve purchased from other stores. There wasn’t a great deal of plastic or even cardboard yet the chair was in perfect condition.

Less cardboard + plastic = better for the environment!

Vorsen Augmented Reality (AR) Tool

How many times have you bought something that you thought would suit your home but then it either doesn’t, or doesn’t fit the space?

Vorsen has an AR tool which allows you to shop more efficiently by being able to view the products in your own home without paying a cent, or going into a store.

Firstly, Augmented Reality (AR) is the use of computer-generated, digital objects that are interactive in real-world environments. This means that the Vorsen AR tool provides an immersive experience where you can adjust the Vorsen products to scale, and the ambient lighting of that room. By having an AR tool when furniture shopping provides you an accurate view of how the product will suit the space in terms of size, colour, design, and ambiance through the comfort of your own home, and convenience of your phone.

How to use the Vorsen AR tool:

The Vorsen AR tool is only available on mobile devices. To use it, you simple click the desire variant (colour/finish) on the product page, select “view in your space”, and follow the prompts on your screen such as moving it around your room so it adjusts to scale.

If you want to take a photo you simple tap the circle on the bottom of the screen or hold it to record a video.

If for whatever reason you’d prefer a 3D render, tap the button stating “object” which will transform it from AR to 3D.

How long does Vorsen furniture take to deliver?

When we moved into our home I ordered a boucle armchair from a different company, and it originally had a 16 week wait period. I waited. Those 16 weeks turned into an additional 3, to 6, and I finally cancelled my order.

Meanwhile at Vorsen, they prepare your order for dispatch within 1-2 business days. If you live in a metro area you’ll receive your delivery within 1-4 business days, and for rural customers this is up to 7 business days. They promise complete transparency so you’ll always see if there’s stock available, how much is available, and what the arrival date will be. My order was so quick I got it the next day!

Vorsen Discount Code

If you upload a photo using the Vorsen AR function on Instagram while tagging #VorsenInReality and @vorsen_au between 17th of May - 26th of May (AEST) 2021, you’ll receive a one-off 20% discount code.

Does Vorsen offer free delivery?

Vorsen offers free shipping online for new orders within NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD, and SA, including sale items.

Does Vorsen offer free returns?

Vorsen offers exchanges based on you changing your mind within 7 days of receiving the product. This return policy excludes custom orders, trade customer orders, or products that have been damaged.

You must notify Vorsen within 7 days if there is a manufacturing defect. If there is, Vorsen will either replace or fix the product. If neither is possible, Vorsen will refund the damaged item.

Do I recommend Vorsen?


The Florence Arm Chair is a beautiful addition to our home office that both matches the high quality pieces we’ve sourced for other rooms of the home, and is a comfortable spot to relax or you know, work from home.


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