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WFH Video Meeting Tips (without pants)

Zoom. Google Hangouts. Microsoft Teams.

Meetings while you work from home can be troublesome, and sometimes a little risky.

There’s something really weird about being in a meeting, and you’re the only one with your camera on. Or worse, everyone has their cameras on so the calls keep cutting out.

For me I like to turn off the camera, and microphone until it’s time to talk. Also because I like to work without pants when I’m at home, or I look like I just rolled out of bed (very likely).

And let’s not forget all the people who have shown off their underwear, chucked a bog, or flashed their husband’s dick during video calls just this year alone, and went viral.

So here is some tips to make video call meetings better while working from home when you aren't wearing pants.

All about the angle

Ensure you have your laptop on a flat surface like a table, and angled so it is in line with your head. If your laptop is facing up at you it means you are facing down at the laptop which gives you a double chin, and them a bad angle of you. Try opening photobooth first to see what a good angle is, and if you aren't wearing pants you can check if you can see your udnerwear in that angle.

Have consistent light

Have a light source whether it be a light bulb or window facing you. This makes you brightly lit, and no mysterious changes in lighting. One of my pet peeves is when someone light source is behind them so they just look like a dark silhouette from a crime documentary so their identity/face/voice is obscured for safety reasons. Since you’ll be brightly lit make sure your background is neutral. Maybe have a blank wall or some unassuming artwork behind you. Don't sit in front of a mirror or else they'll see you aren't wearing pants (don't worry, they aren't either).

Wear a nice blouse

I like to wear a white blouse for meetings because it looks professional. I’ve been wearing this white, ribbed plunge tie up blouse with flare sleeves from FemmeLuxeFinery. Its flow enough to look smart casual, and long enough to conceal your lap if you choose not to wear pants. If you do want to wear pants why not opt for something comfy like these black high waisted longline cycling shorts.

Don’t share your screen unless you can share the screen

If you’re going to share your screen make sure you have no tabs/windows in your browser you wouldn’t want your mum to see, and any folders you’ve named jokingly are hidden or renamed to something that won’t get you fired.


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