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Below are examples of work I have written for other companies. For legal reasons, I can only link writing where my name is included, therefore all my feelanced ghost writing will not be mentioned. If you would like to contract me for a blog for your website, please contact me through the contact option on the menu.

eat fit food 'clean+lean' review

When one thinks of starting a healthier diet, one doesn't immediately assume that spicy beef burrito with salsa, tomato, sour cream, and tasty cheese would be a part of the dietician's pre-made meals for you. 

Complete Social Media ban, Jail, and Melbourne cafe shamed online

This Tuesday in New York, Michael Kors will be unveiling his Resort Collection to a see of the media, celebrities, bloggers, and social media influencers. But you won’t see it on social media!

Facebook filters, and political bias

Facebook has recently announced it will be improving its live video platform. One of the improvements will be it will be compatible with their face-swapping app MSQRD so you will be able to use all of the masks and filters during your live feed!

Social Media Records and Activism

Yesterday marked the (unofficial) Social Media Day, started by Mashable six years ago. To honour the occasion, several companies have pointed out the ten Guiness World Records that took place on Social Media!

Google gets sued, and what’s a newspaper?

With 1.6 billion monthly users worldwide, Facebook was declared the leading source for news among social media sites, beating Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, and more. 

Google takes on Amazon, and also brings back a favourite!

Google has relaunched it’s Mobile Friendly Test which you can use from Google Search Console, or by clicking here. The Mobile Friendly Test is just that, tests how mobile-friendly your website is.

Importance of Versatility

You don’t need to fill your closet with different fashionable creatures that will go out of style within months. While yes, some fashion fads go in and out of style, most stay in the back of your closet for years until they’re finally donated to a charity, or thrown out.

7 Factors for a Successful Online Store

Did you know that 41% of the globe’s internet users have purchased something online? And that China has the highest percentage of online shoppers per month? 

What to look for when buying a bed frame

Buying a bed frame may seem like quite an easy task for some. “It is just decoration for the bed”, you say.

The mattress is what you care about more, as that’s what you’ll be spending thousands of nights, or days, tucked into. But your bed frame is a decision just as important.

7 Online Shopping Trends of Millennials

Millenials aren’t just buying everything online on their darn smart phones. Instead, they use technology to create a fulfilling, seamless, shopping experience.

AMP, Adobe’s Asian Popularity, and Katy Perry Blackouts

In a world where more people access websites through their mobile phone than a desktop, Google has created Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).



How to Clean your Leather Watch

Wearing your leather strap watch everyday makes it susceptible to contamination from dirt, germs, and other visually unappealing substances. Ever smelt your leather watch that you’ve worn for a few months or years? Exactly.


Digital-driven label, Ivyrevel, using algorithms to change ecommerce

Under the cloak of beautiful designs, fabulous models, structured jawlines, fashion seems quite a simple business to the everyday consumer. But as there are more and more choices in attire appearing every season, it is hard to stay ahead of the game, or even afloat.

7 ways to Improve Online Customer Relationship

What your customers think and how they act towards your company is important for the success of your business. Your business only thrives if your employees believe in your business, as they in turn, will project these positive feelings towards your current and potential customers.

How to maintain your suede watch

Just like traditional leather, suede watch-straps require regular cleaning and maintenance in order to keep its texture and appearance. Interestingly, suede is a type of leather but caring for it is different.

Now I am no stranger to cleaning suede. 

Google Ads have changed, have you?

Businesses everywhere are left shaking in the wake of Google’s new reveal. They have unleashed a a new commercial advertising design that leaves less space for organic search results on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Your website is scaring people away

While you could focus your business’ time, finances, and energy on creating fantastic television ads, and getting perfect spokespeople, you are risking a whole lot of opportunities by putting your digital portfolio on the backburner.

Style Blogger Focus: Lydia Barakat

According to her Instagram feed and biography, Lydia Barakat, is a singer, fashionista, lover of fitness, expert at makeup, and a loving wife. Alongside her equally Instagram famous best friend @NicoleKhalil, Lydia inspires an army of 698,000 body positive girls and boys. 

Websites Perishing and AI Knowledge

Whether your website is mobile friendly, otherwise known as mobile optimised, has been a ranking factor for Google organic searches since April 2015. But this year, during Google’s complete overhaul of their old system, to their new, it’s time to totally say goodbye to all the competitors who don’t have a mobile optimised website.

5 Mistakes of Online Retailers That Should Be Avoided

Sadly, 8 out of 10 businesses fail within the first 18 months according to Forbes. In Australia, an even sadder 1.5% of businesses will close in less than a year. 

Your customers are all online. Where are you?!

The 18-34 year old demographic has the largest amount of purchases per time period, most spending in relation to their income, and the highest user interaction with brands, and most importantly, is characterized by their insatiable desire to share and connect.

eCommerce law, Google bans Payday loans, and Social Media Disorders

Australian companies are quickly trying to adapt to China’s new ecommerce laws that have been put in place during April this year. Consumers now have to pay 11.9% tax on most food, beverage, and health products as well as another anywhere 70% for China’s consumption tax that varies between 0 to 30% of the value of the product.

Tacos, Yubl, #Christianity, and Chinese Ecommerce crackdown

App Annie, an independent company which provides app analytics, Yubl debuted at 501st overall in apps and 29th in the social networking category when it launched on February 24. After being featured by Apple in their ‘New Apps We Love’, they’re in court position behind WhatsApp, Facebook, and Messenger. So what’s so great about Yubl?

Chinese Twitter Ads, Presidential Spambots, and Facebook Bots

Twitter’s Chief Executive Officer, Jack Dorsey has recently announced the appointment of Kathy Chen to the position of the Greater China Managing Director. Chen tweeted she looks forward to the opportunity to “create more value for Chinese enterprises, creators, partners and developers.” 

Your competitors now see your app data

It took Google four months to reduce their search quality raters guidelines from 160 page in November 2015, to 146 by March 28th.

Go Get Plonked + Suite 360

Let’s welcome into the world the new search engine Plonked. While it isn’t going to be a super powerhouse like Google, it does serve an important function in the world, and your business better get onboard. Plonked is a search engine that provides business information, which thankfully, is currently free to use.

The Queen wants you, Farewell Prince, and $80billion

Borrell Associates , a US media forecaster has argued that digital marketing services spending for 2016 will be around $613billion. “Digital marketing services here includes ads but extends to spending on presence management, PR, listings management, content creation, reputation monitoring, app development, email and beyond.”

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