About me

about me

My name is Bernice, and I'm a Filipino-Australian 24 year old in Sydney, Australia.


I attended a performing arts high school before going to university to study Communications majoring in PR, and Advertising. 


I got my nickname 'bunny' because 1) if you say my name correctly ben-ease which sounds like bunnies, and because I've own a lot of them!

relationship status

I've been with my husband Albon since February 1st 2011 when he was 15, and I was 14. We met through church, and he was my first love, my best friend, and my person.

We got engaged February 1st 2016, and we got married on the 15th of September 2018 in Collaroy by the beach, then honeymooned in Oahu, Hawaii.


I freelance as a Growth Marketing Consultant with a specialty in Influencer Marketing. I mainly work with start-ups, and emerging talent.


I previously worked as the Growth Marketer for Australia at an online furniture company called Koala where I tested opportunities until they reached maturity.


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