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Benefits of a StayDry Mattress Protector

Whether a flat sheet is necessary is almost as contentious a debate among anyone under 35 as whether mattress protectors are important for all ages.

We recently got the new DuraDeluxe Waterproof Mattress Protector from StayDry for our primary bedroom as we wanted to update the mattress protector we had previously.

There are so many reasons why a mattress protector is important for your bed no matter your age.

Mattress protectors protect against any liquids

The mattress protector puts a physical barrier between your mattress, and any liquids that comes its way. With an exploring toddler, hyper dog, and general sweat, having a mattress protector on our bed is a no brainer. If you cosleep with your kids it'll protect the mattress from any bedwetting incidents.

Plus, our StayDry mattress protector is also so soft, and silky that it feels as luxurious as one of our tencel duvets!

Helps maintain the longevity of your mattress and stay within warranty

Do you know if anyone wets the mattress it voids the warranty? It makes sense because why should a manufacturer accept something soiled.

Well, having a mattress protector means that even if there are accidents, you can still get a replacement if it's faulty or return your mattress if it's not right for you.

It also means that if your mattress, and you are meant to be then it'll prevent liquids from penetrating the mattress, forming mould, and putting it into general disrepair.

Easier to clean the mattress

While you should still air your mattress regularly, and change your sheets weekly, having a mattress protector means you likely don't have to wash the mattress cover between the normal frequency of every 1-2 months. The mattress cover will protect against any liquids to keep that mattress cover feeling fresh!


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