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Long term Koala mattress and bed base tips

I’ve been sleeping on my Koala mattress for over 3 years now, and my Koala timber bed base for nearly 3 years. Just like a relationship, there’s things you need to keep doing to maintain it for the long run.

Yes, I’m talking about cleaning the products.

Koala Mattress Cleaning Tips

It’s recommended that you rotate the Koala mattress monthly. As discussed in my blog post "Is the Ecosa or Koala Mattress better?", according to Sleep Advisor, the less reliable a mattress' durability is, the more you need to rotate it.

You also need to wash the mattress cover monthly, and regardless of your mattress, changes your sheets weekly. As my husband has sensitive skin due to having cystic acne growing up, we also change our pillow cases every 2 days.

The Koala mattress has a removable cover which can be removed through the zipper underneath the mattress. You can put the cover into your washing machine on a cold wash, and then air dry it. For any light stains you can spot clean it using a light detergent, and a soft cloth with a bit of elbow grease.

We also use our Dyson V11 Complete Pro vacuum every time we change our sheets, and pillow cases by using the mattress cleaning attachment that came with the vacuum. Use the vacuum on the Eco or Medium setting. If there’s any smells to your mattress when you get it or any smells start to happen, you can lightly sprinkle bicarbonate soda to the mattress then lightly vacuum it off after a few hours.

My husband, and I do strength training 6 days a week, 2 boxing classes a week, 2 kick boxing classes a week, and I walk/jog/run 5-10kms per day with my dog.

Some days our bodies feel so sore that even the most supportive mattress may not provide enough comfort for our aching bodies/

So on those days we use our free Koala Topper (known as the Toppaaa) which is available to all Koala Mattress customers who feel their mattress is either too firm or too soft. When we’re really sore we use our soft Koala Toppaaa which does help give that extra layer of softness our bodies needs during recovery.

The Koala Toppaaa comes in soft, or firm depending on what you need. The soft Koala topper is the same density as the soft part of the Koala mattress, and the firm Koala topper is the same density as the firm part of the Koala mattress.

Koala Timber Bed Base Cleaning Tips

The Koala Timber Bed Base is great as it’s a no hassle product. We ordered, and received in less than 4 hours, it took less than 4 minutes to assemble, and cleaning it takes less than a minute.

All you need to do it dust, and wipe it with a dry, soft cloth every week to stop the build up of dust. And if you spill anything, just spray Ajax or Windex onto a soft, dry cloth and wipe at the spill to avoid any stains.

How to Stop the Koala Mattress sliding on a Koala Timber Bed Base?

As the Koala Timber Bed Base has three wooden panels to make the platform for the mattress, it does move A LOT especially during nightly activities with your partner. Koala provides free non slip pads for customers upon request that stick onto the bed base, and keep the Koala mattress in place. These don’t get sent out with the bed base delivery so make sure you contact Koala’s Customer Support after your delivery!

We had 3 sets of non slip pads on our Koala Timber bed base, and the Koala Mattress kept sliding so we changed out bed base to the Brosa Richmond Bed Base.


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