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Koala Furniture Serenity Dining Table Review

Firstly, it took me 3 hours to assemble the 6 seater dining table, and 6 curved back chairs, and I cried.

I've assembled other furniture like a whole IKEA walk in closet fit out (all 4 walls with shelving, and seating shelving in the centre), and nothing was as infuriating to build as this dining table, and chairs.

What is the Koala Serenity Dining Table made of?

The Koala Serenity Dining Table comes in a 4 seater or 6 seater, and is made of an American Ash Veneer table top, and solid American Ash Timber for the legs.

The Koala Serenity Dining Table 4 seater is 120cm x 85cm x 74cm, and the 6 seater is 180cm x 90cm x 74cm.

Is the Koala Serenity Dining Table sturdy?

Yes, when leaning or applying other pressure to the Koala Serenity Dining Table it doesn't move around, and is sturdy.

Where can you see the Koala Serenity Dining Table?

Possibly due to COVID, and office changes, the Koala Serenity Dining Table is not available for viewing in their Alexandria NSW showroom which is now the call centre for Koala customer support.

The only place you can view the Koala Serenity Dining Table is by purchasing it, and undergoing the 120 night trial.

What is the Koala Curved Dining Chairs made of?

The chairs are made of a polyester fabric, Certi-PUR-US certified polyurethane foam insert, and white ash legs. This means that the chair legs, dining table top, and dining table legs are all different shades of wood.

Are the Koala Curved Dining Chairs comfortable?

Yes! They're very squishy, and comfortable to sit on. Koala says that the fabric is stain resistant, and that to remove stains you should shampoo clean using upholstery shampoo.

Are the Koala Curved Dining Chairs difficult to assemble?

Yes, literal tears went down my face with how frustrating building the chairs are. The screws are located in a pocket underneath the chairs which you'll need a light to see the holes in the chair to put in so I recommend building them with someone.

For our chairs, two chairs didn't have the holes to put in the screws, the holes didn't align, and you had to really push the chairs together for them to fit. We had to hammer pieces as I didn't want to have to do yet another warranty claim as we've had a bunch of issues with the Koala Mattresses sagging, and Koala Lounging Sofa pilling like crazy.

After discussing these issues with current staff in 2020 they stated it is a common issue that customers are having difficulties, and finding major faults especially in the curved dining chairs due to trying to launch it quickly, and the impact of COVID on manufacturing. edit: Another product team staff member contacted me early 2021 after discovering this review, and stated they were looking to change the design of the table, and chairs due to the large amount of bad reviews from customers. so expect to see some changes to the assembly pieces of the table, and chair in the coming months.

Is the Koala Serenity Dining Table difficult to assemble?

Not at all. It's heavy so I'd recommend building it with someone but it was a quick build.

Does the Koala Dining Furniture have a lot of packaging?

Oh God, yes there's so much cardboard. When we got our sofa we had to do a council pickup because there was just so much cardboard it would take 3 yellow bin pickups to get rid of. It's the same instance for the dining table, and furniture. We've cut the cardboard up small, and split it into 4 yellow council bins, with maybe another 2 bins worth remaining.

I recommend that if you're going to get Koala furniture to buy it in one go as you'll drown in the packaging. Order it all together, and get council pickup or drop it off at Visy.


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