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Koala Timber Bed Base Review

I'm so excited that I was one of the first people to get my hands on Koala's new Timber Bed Base in a king size! Previously we had a leather bed base that was low to the floor but we always felt it made our bed feel hot so we knew it was time to change it.

Keep reading to learn about the ordering process, delivery, unboxing, assembly experience, and my thoughts on the comfort/design!

Ordering the Koala Bed Base

Now back to the Koala Timber Bed Base! Ordering was super simple with the product option on the top left corner of their website here. Koala currently only sells the bed base in a Queen, and King size which retail for $800, and $1000 respectively.

During the ordering process I was given a few time slots for my delivery: ASAP (within the next 4 hours), 10am-2pm, 2pm-5pm, or 5pm-8pm) or to select another day. I chose 10am-2pm, received the email confirmation, and made myself lunch while I waited.

Koala offers 4 hour delivery for metro areas but you'd be surprised what counts as metro! I live in the Hills which is 40 minutes from Sydney CBD, and I'm still counted as metro! you can check if you're in a metro area here.

How is the Koala furniture delivery?

For deliveries, Koala has 2 modes of courier deliveries: courier by TNT or Capital, and Koala certified drivers who are drivers employed to only deliver Koala packages in Sydney metro areas.

I worked from home that day, and my fiancé had to remind me to order the mattress at 10am. I ordered it within 2 minutes, and by 12:30pm the Koala certified driver was at my house with the three boxes! Throughout the whole waiting period, I received SMS updates where my bed base was so I was able to know when the driver was near so I could listen out for the doorbell.

The driver was so helpful! Together my brother in law Christian, and the driver brought in all three boxes which weigh no more than 20kgs each into the hallway. Once inside, I opened each box to reveal all the bed base pieces inside. As our stairway is winding, I had to bring the pieces up individually so they wouldn't get scratch the walls.

How to assemble the Koala bed base

The Koala Timber Bed Base contains no screws, and you need no tools except for your two hands! Putting the bed base was so easy that after my fiancé, and I put it together in our upstairs lounge room for the video, he took it apart, and put it back together in our bedroom so quickly by himself.

The bed base is so easy to make that the instructions are on a HUGE piece of cardboard in the second box, and are illustrations not words. It's just a matter of slotting all the pieces together.

In total there are 9 pieces that fit in together like lego pieces. While there are no screws to keep it together, the pieces have been carved to the most minute detail to ensure they fit together perfectly. It's also extremely sturdy, and can take up to 600 kilograms!

The Koala bed base design

What I love most about it is that it floats as it has an overside platform for the mattress to sit on. This allows you to put things on the bed base momentarily like a glass of water for when you're doing the wine glass test, or your phone while it charges!

The Koala Timber Bed Base also has four secret holes (two in behind the headboard, and 2 underneath the front of the bed base) for perfect cable management. No longer will your cables be running amuck!

The bed base is completely waterproof which means no rotting of the wood from moisture.

There's also plenty of storage space below the bed base for your boxes, and behind the headboard for your display pillows. Personally, we sleep with 11 pillows in total. Crazy, I know. That's 5 pairs, and one V shape pillow, each with a different purpose. For example, the plush pillows are used when we're sitting upright, the diamond dust pillows is for when he has neck aches from training, and the memory foam pillows are our every day pillow! Having space to store the pillows we aren't using is a game changer!


Going from a leather futon to a solid, wooden base has made quite a difference! The structure of the bed base allows our mattress to properly breathe so we don't feel hot even on hot nights. The floating design ensures our Koala Summer Sheet Set and Duvet never hits the floor (was a pain on the futon). Also the bed base doesn't squeak even on our mahogany floorboards!


In September 2020 I swapped my bed base to the Richmond bed base by Brosa. The Koala bed base was not good for us long term as the mattress kept slipping on the bed base no matter how many non slip pads they provided us. The wood changed colour over time, and it was really creaky when you're both moving.

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