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An honest Brosa Bed Base Review

When searching for a bed base for our master bedroom we really were looking for something simple, stylish but homely.

We had been sleeping on a timber, platform bed base that our mattress kept slipping on despite using the brand’s provided non slip pads, discoloured over time, and the bed base creaked even with the slightest movements.

So we searched for bed base options that had a steel/wooden frame, solid design, upholstered bedhead, and allowed the mattress to be supported all around so it wouldn’t slip.

We found the Brosa “Richmond” bed base in the shade Moonlight Grey. It matched the grey upholstering found around our home so it was perfect! If you’re uncertain if any Brosa fabrics will match your home they actually offer FREE fabric swatches here.


We ordered the bed base, and was contacted by the Brosa team to organise a specific date, and time slot for the delivery.

I received notifications to update me on the delivery, and when the delivery team arrived they brought in the boxes directly into our master bedroom (and they took off their shoes!).


Assembling the Brosa Richmond Bed Base was quick, and simple. The instructions for all products are found on the Brosa product page so less paper floating around.

The bed base came in 3 large boxes so you’ll need another person to help you unbox, and assemble it. All the tools we needed was an Allen key (provided), a screw driver/power drill, and your capable hands.

Assembling the Brosa bed base probably took 10 minutes total including unboxing, and no tears or angry words were shared unlike some pieces of Ikea furniture.

Is the Brosa bed base creaky?

As a happily married woman with neighbours I am pleased to report that the bed doesn’t creak no matter what you may be doing in the bedroom.

How does the bed base look?

Personally, I love it. It has a nice mid-century design, and the tufted mercado upholstery is soft to touch.

I love the higher profile of the bed head which sits at 110cm tall as it helps emphasis the height of our ceilings which we had raised from the original home design.

Is there space under the bed base?

There is no built in storage with the Brosa Richmond bed base however you can fit shoebox height boxes underneath, a good book, and your favourite pair of fuzzy slippers!

Thank you to the team at Brosa for collaborating with me on this post to help me furnish my master bedroom.


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