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Koala Modern Modular Sofa Review

What is a modular sofa?

A modular sofa is made of interchangeable module sofa pieces that attach together using metal hooks where you lift, and hook the clips together. Modular sofas are a great product for those looking to change the configuration of their sofa over time to best suit the needs of the household.

Often including a chaise, a modular sofa is usually arranged in a U or L shape. For our Koala Modern Sofa we put it in an L shape with our ottoman next to the sofa to allow as much accessibility to the En-Gold coffee table.

How much does the Koala Modern Modular Sofa cost?

Starting as a humble 3 seater (2 modules) at $1450 the Koala Modern Sofa can go up to a 4.5 seater with chaise at $2700 with the option for an additional ottoman for $375.

These prices is in the mid price range of modular sofas alongside Brosa.

What colours does the Koala Modern Sofa come in?

We have the Hawky colour, and Arvo Storm, We have the Hawky colour which looks significantly lighter in the brand’s photos. While it is much lighter than our old (and hated) Koala Lounging Sofa, it still isn’t as light in shade as I thought (and hoped). Mind you, we do love this sofa overall but I anticipate that there will quite a few disappointed customers when they realise their purchase isn’t true to colour.

Is the Koala Modern Sofa comfortable?

Yes! It’s so much more comfortable than the Koala Lounging Sofa, and honestly is so cosy to snuggle in. My husband absolutely LOVES this sofa, and his favourite spot is the corner module as it’s the largest seat so we can both lay down comfortably.

What is the Koala Modern Sofa made of?

The wooden components are made of an FSC certified mix of pine wood, LVL, plywood, and beech timber. The cushions are filled with CertiPUR-US® certified polyurethane foam that is wrapped in Dacron layer.

Where is Koala furniture manufactured?

It’s interesting to see that where each product is manufactured is now an absent component of their product pages, and FAQ. Seeing as the Koala mattress is now manufactured alongside nearly every one of their products, in China one can assume that the Koala Modern Sofa is also manufactured in China.

How do you clean the Koala Modern Sofa?

You should vacuum the cushions regularly on a low suction, and keep the sofa out of direct sunlight as it will diminish the colour of the fabric.

As Koala has already mentioned pilling in their aftercare section for this product, we can assume that pilling will be an issue for Koala Modern Sofas just like the Koala Lounging Sofa.

Koala doesn’t count pilling as a manufacturing fault so they’ll only provide you with $20 to reimburse you to buy a pilling shaver.

If there’s any stains or spills, Koala recommends that you shampoo clean using upholstery shampoo instead of using dish washing or laundry detergents which can be too abrasive. I’d recommend not soaking the sofa as it can damage the sofa, and to ensure it’s completely dry before reusing.

Does Koala furniture come with a lot of packaging?

Oh my goodness I HATE how much packaging Koala uses. Each module, and backing came in a separate box so with our 4,5 seater with chaise, and ottoman that was 11 boxes. The sofa pieces weren’t vacuumed sealed so thankfully we didn’t have to wait for the foam to decompress like the Koala mattress but it also means that the boxes we now have to recycle are huge.

Is my Koala Modern Sofa faulty?

As mentioned, you can see whether a product has been rushed to be manufactured based on the reviews when its first launched. We were one of the first receivers of the Koala Modern Sofa (we paid a month for delivery), and each corner of the modules have loose threads, and the covers are all loose. The loose covers aren’t a deal breaker as they appear to be Velcroed on. However it would be disappointing for a customer who has paid $2700 to receive a product where every single cover loose, and needs to be fixed.

Why is the Koala Modern Modular sofa expensive?

Modular sofas are usually more expensive than their counterparts, especially the higher seating capacity you purchase.

A great article by Tom W Goodwin explains that modular sofas are priced higher due to each module needing to be designed, and manufactured with different configurations in mind compared to conventional sofas that only have one possible configuration. Plus, the likely additional cost to the brand for warranty claims is factored in if the metal bracket component breaks. Brackets breaking is actually a common issue for furniture manufacturers which is usually increased in volume when the brand tries to produce a lot of stock in a limited time such as a product launch. It’s interesting to watch product reviews for recently released products as you can get a feel for whether manufacturing was rushed to meet deadlines, or if the product will get a redesign shortly to fix a fault (usually on the down low).

Which modular sofa configuration is right for me?

This Plush article perfectly discusses the various components of a modular sofa. My recommendation when trying to figure out the right modular sofa configuration for you is to evaluate what your needs are for the sofa.

Will it be against a wall or will there be distance?

Is it facing a tv?

How many members of the family are there, and what is the family dynamic within the living room?

How many common users of the sofa prefer their feet up?

How many people use arm rests?

Will the sofa be facing another room, and if so, how will the configuration affect the flow of movement within both adjoining rooms?


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