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Koala Lounging Sofa Review

Interested in getting the Koala Lounging Sofa? Keep reading to learn more about the product design, and my honest review about usage by 2 people, and a dog.

Is the Koala Lounging Sofa the same as the Koala Sofa?

The Koala Lounging Sofa was the first sofa designed by Koala Sleep Pty Ltd which colloquially is referred to as “Koala Mattresses but most commonly known as Koala. The Koala Lounging Sofa was designed internally by the Sydney based product team, and is manufactured in China.

Originally more boxy in shape, and plastic in feel, the Koala Lounging Sofa was redesigned in 2019, and renamed the Koala Lounging Sofa from just the Koala Sofa due to a product range expansion. So yes, it is the “Koala Sofa” but has had many iterations such as very different components, and replacing the steel frame with the existing wooden frame.

They’ve now expanded their sofa range to include the Modern Sofa, Coastal Sofa, Compact Sofa, and Sofa Bed.

What is the Koala Lounging Sofa design?

The Koala Lounging Sofa to me is a “one side fits all” design. It comes in 2 colours that are versatile: Brushtail Grey, and Boonie Doon Blue. The sofa is fairly squishy, has 180 cushion coverage, big enough for the standard Australian household size, and comes in a 3 seater, 2 seater, and unattached ottoman.

Can you remove the Koala Lounging Sofa cushion covers?

You can only remove the seat cushion, and back rest cushion covers for spot cleaning but not washing machine cleaning.

Koala have shared some tips on cleaning various stains like urine, chocolate, and wine here.

As we aren’t a messy household we haven’t had any stains but only time will tell how not being able to wash fabric cover sofa cushions will do to the quality of the covers.

Does the Koala Lounging Sofa get piling?

Yes, and it’s so annoying as the white piling balls are so obvious against the grey fabric.

Firstly, piling is when loose fibres ball together.

We started seeing piling on the sofa 2 weeks into usage. We had the Koala Lounging Sofa for 6 months, and we had piling on the seat cushions, back rest, arm rests, and ottoman as early as 1 month into use.

We’ve raised the piling issue, and were offered $20 compensation to buy a piling shaver. For a $2500 sofa set, it’s disappointing to see that the Koala Lounging Sofa piles so early on from usage.

Can you assemble the Koala Lounging Sofa by yourself?

No, the Koala Lounging Sofa set (3 seater, 2 seater, ottoman) comes in 7 large boxes that require 2 people to lift it due to the size not weight.

I previously had the original Koala Sofa which had a broken metal bracket, and took 30 minutes to assemble during which I cried as the parts didn’t fit properly.

The Koala Lounging Sofa is easier to assemble, and took 10 minutes to assemble.

Is the Koala Lounging Sofa comfortable?

Yes, the sofa is comfortable as the cushions are quite squishy however the back cushion isn’t supportive.

I’ve napped many a times on the sofa, and on weekends my husband, and I push sofa set together to make a sofa fort so we can watch movies in the living room.

My dog’s favourite spot is the ottoman, and she loves just laying there when the morning sun hits the living room.

Is the Koala Lounging Sofa worth the cost?

It’s a nice design overall but the lack of support, and quick piling to me doesn’t equate to a $2500 price tag for a set.

There’s a lot of nice sofas out there, and I have my eyes on a light cream modular sofa, perhaps boucle which is the design favourite this year.


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