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DIY Boucle Chair (Kmart Hack)

I’ve wanted a boucle chair for so long but couldn’t justify the price. I had purchased a boucle chair from Freedom called “Dolly” but they kept delaying delivery due to a software upgrade completely destroying visibility internally, as well as the hit of covid on the manufacturing industry.

Nevertheless, when I saw the Kmart Upholstered Timber Chair for $69 I knew I was finally getting my boucle chair.

After buying the Kmart chair, we went to Spotlight, and bought 2 metres of beige, boucle fabric which was $18 per metre. I’m not able to see the fabric on their website but we found it in the upholstery section.

Using a fabric staple gun, and about 3 rows of staples, we made this boucle armchair!

I’d recommend making this chair with someone there to help pull the fabric taunt so you don’t get any loose sections on the chair.

It was quite a fast DIY hack, and probably took around 30 minutes including cutting the fabric. We do have some leftover fabric so we’ll be creating matching cushions for our new modular sofa that’s arriving next week.

What is boucle fabric?

According to Architectural Digest, boucle is “derived from the French word meaning “curled” or “ringed,” bouclé can refer to a yarn, made from a series of looped fiber, or the fabric made from it.”

To make boucle fabric, a minimum of two strands of yarn are combined. When plied, one strand is given tension to form the loop while the other acts as an anchor.

Boucle is a heavy fabric but perfect for upholstery due to the soft to touch, cosy feel as well as

Most commonly made of wool, boucle is extremely durable but can soften up any room due to it’s curled texture.

How much do boucle chairs cost?

Boucle chairs can be quite expensive partially due to boucle being a fairly expensive fabric. In Australian the following boucle chairs can be found:

How do you clean a boucle chair?

On a regular basis, vacuum the soft on a low setting using the upholstery attachment to avoid pilling. For Dyson users, I recommend using the mattress attachment.

If any liquid spills on boucle, always spot clean using a water based cleanser, and if required, a mild, dry cleaning solvent. Apply to cleanser to the cloth you’re using not directly onto the fabric. This is because multiple light applications of cleansers are less harmful to the integrity of the fabric, and it’s colour than a single concentrated application.

Never use bleach, or heat on boucle as it can cause stains, and would void any warranty you have on that product.

How do you clean stains on a boucle chair?

Clean up any spills immediately as the longer they sit in the boucle fabric, the harder it is to remove.

For oil based stains, apply a water-free dry cleaning solvent to a clean, soft cloth, and dab at the stain.

To remove water based stains, apply lukewarm, soapy water using a clean, soft cloth. Again, lightly dab at the stain.

Never soak the boucle fabric, and always let it dry thoroughly without use of heat products like a hairdryer.

Avoid scrubbing as it may damage the integrity of the curls, and create discolouration.


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