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Styling a rattan cabinet

When Kmart launched their rattan cabinets they were sold out almost immediately. All I saw in Kmart posts were people asking when they were being restocked so when I saw one in my local Kmart store I quickly abandoned my plans to buy it, and bring it home.

To match our warm toned, minimalistic living room we styled the rattan cabinet similarly.

Warm tones, distinct shapes, human figures, and a simple plant.

The artwork was created by my talented friend Carmel Jenkins. We have a fair amount of her nude artworks around our home, and this particular one is called Fragmented Nude 24. We have it framed in an A4 Kmart frame but our other ones which are A1 size are in Country Road Adler frames.

The salted caramel candle was purchased at the Ryde Sunday markets at a stall called Verve. We bought a 90 hour burn time candle however I can't see it on their website.

The pillar candles are an Instagram favourite from Black Blaze Sydney. This beige, pillar candle is scentless, and is purely for decoration.

The circular vase is from HM Home but as their home section isn't on their Australia website (for some insane reason) I can't link to it but it was $40 inshore. The gold dish we use for keys, spare bobby pins, and our wallets is also from HM.

The pot I bought a long time ago so no idea where it's from, and the nude, clay figures were handmade by me.

Lastly, the Cereal Magazines were purchased at Kinokuniya.


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