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Our Living Room Reveal

Peace. Calm. Safety.

Growing up in a chaotic household, all I wanted was happiness, and tranquility in my future home. In 2020, I was able to move into my first house that I bought with my husband.

We’ve been together for 10 years this Feb 2021, and for the entire time he’s felt like home. So when we were planning our home decor, we wanted to make each corner as cosy, and comforting as possible. As if, walking into each room felt like the hug you never wanted to let go.

Our living room is perhaps our most frequented room aside from the obvious master bedroom.

There, we’ve hosted a fair amount of parties, binged countless Netflix titles, and just unwinded after long days.

We opted for the minimalistic decor that has risen in popularity in recent years.

Warm tones of grey, white, and beige with accents of gold.

The cushions are sourced from Country Road (here), HM (here), Big W (here), and the boucle cushions were made by myself using this Spotlight fabric to match the DIY boucle chair we created (here).

The coffee table is always remarked on by visitors. It’s the Arena coffee table from En-Gold (here). Made of handcrafted fossil stone from the Cebu, and Mactan Islands in the Philippines, it connects us to our Filipino heritage.

On the coffee table is the KinFolk Garden edition (here) due to my love of leafy greens throughout our property, our custom Beysis candle (here), a soft scented Natio candle (here), and a vine in a face pot from Sydney Plant Market (here).

Our rug is from Ikea (here) in the largest size which nicely compliments the reupholstered boucle chair. The grey cushion is a free gift that comes with each Koala Modern Sofa section so we have 4 but only use 1.

But my favourite thing is the canvas artwork hanging on the wall which was painted by my husband that ties in all the colours of that room. The photos are bright but in person you can see the clear colour differences.


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