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Eva Mattress’ Hemp Linen Review

The Australian mattress company Eva also sell incredibly luxurious hemp linen to help you usher in the Spring/Summer without the sweaty nights.

We got the Eva sheets in the colour Oat to match our scandivian style, and Koala Timber Bed Base. However they also come in the shades Grey, and White.

Firstly, what is hemp?

Hemp is a very popular, and sustainable fibre that’s been used as a fabric fibre for over tens of thousands of years.

Hemp fibre is made from industrial hemp that is known as the “sober cousin” of cannabis so no, you won’t get high sleeping in sheets made of it (but the comfort levels will make you feel like you’re high in the clouds).

Is hemp good for the environment?

Hemp plants are great for the environment. These Eva Hemp Linen have been tested, and certified  by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) as well as Organic Standard 100 which means they are 100% organic, and have been produced using ZERO toxic chemicals.

Hemp plants also return 70% of its nutrients back into the soil unlike cotton which is a soil depletor. 

To put it into perspective, the growing of cotton accounts for 25% of the world’s total insecticides, and 10% of it’s pesticides. Meanwhile, hemp doesn’t require synthetic pesticides as it’s naturally insect repellant, and even - wait for it - weed repellant. 

Huh, go figure.

It also grows really quick. When I say hemp plants grow fast, I mean lightning quick. Hemp plants grow fast, and densely which helps them repel weeds as the density prevents a lot of sunlight from coming through to nourish annoying weeds. 

Hemp requires half the amount of water than cotton needs to grow which makes it a better alternative to cotton as water scarcity further impacts the plant. In fact, hemp plants can yield 200-250% more fiber on the same plot of land than cotton.

Plus, industrial hemp plants absorb 4 x more carbon dioxide than trees so cleaner airs for you, and I.

Is the Eva hemp linen good for hot or cold nights?

Hemp is actually amazing year round as they are thermoregulating.

The Eva Hemp Linen is moisture wicking which means that moisture isn’t absorbed into the fabric but sits on top (like water on a leaf), and evaporates away. This means you won’t get sweaty even on hot nights.

These Eva sheets like all hemp linen are naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic which is perfect for my husband, and I.

How long does hemp linen last?

As it’s made of a natural fibre, it actually becomes more comfortable the more you wash it. Just make sure you wash it in cold water, and air dry or cold dry only. 

It’s also really durable, and since it doesn’t contain synthetics it means washing it doesn’t contribute to the overwhelming rise in micro plastics in our waterways, and food.

How do the Eva hemp linen sheets feel?

They’re soft when running your hand across the linen, and when you sleep in them it gives it that lazy Sunday look to your bed. 

I’m definitely excited to see how these sheets feel in the long run, and how they may age over time. We’ve been sleeping on 100% tencel sheets for the past 2.5 years so this will be exciting to bring into the mix.


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