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Emma Sleep Luxe Pro Mattress Review

For the past 3 weeks I have been sleeping on the Emma Sleep Luxe Pro mattress and honestly, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in the quality of my sleep.

Emma Sleep VS Koala Mattress

For context, I previously had a Koala SE Mattress for the previous 6 months after my Original Koala Mattress had sagged so much it was causing me really bad back pain. I had 4 replacement Koala mattresses from 2016-2023, all the original mattress, which all had bad sagging despite me doing the monthly mattress rotations as per the care instructions. When we received the new Koala SE mattress in December, we found it hard to adjust to it, and I always felt that there were sections of the mattress that lacked support. Having gone through so many annoying warranty claims already with Koala, I was relieved when we finally got our Emma Sleep Luxe Pro mattress.

Emma Sleep Purchase and Delivery

We ordered our Emma Sleep Luxe Pro Mattress on May 29th 6:35pm and by May 31st 12:49pm we had received our delivery.

Emma Sleep Unboxing Experience

Like other bed-in-a-box brands, the mattress came vacuum sealed in recyclable plastic within a cardboard box. We ordered a king mattress which was still easy for 1 adult to comfortably carry from our front door into our primary bedroom of our home. 

The sealed mattress was easy to take out of the box and place onto our bed base. The Emma Sleep website said it may take up to 48 hours for the mattress to fully expand so I recommend unboxing in the morning to provide enough time until bedtime. Despite us unboxing in the early afternoon, the Emma Sleep Luxe Pro Mattress was fully expanded by our bedtime.

As with all soft furnishing products we use, we lightly sprinkled some bicarbonate soda on top, left it for a few hours, and vacuumed it off before putting the sheets. This helps to alleviate any low level VOCs which is normal for all furniture and soft furnishings (I previously worked for a furniture brand). But don’t worry, the Emma Sleep Luxe Pro Mattress is OEKO-TEX 100 , class 1 certified, and therefore doesn't use any harmful substances so perfectly safe to sleep on.

Emma Sleep Luxe Pro mattress design

Having come from a furniture background, I was interested in mattress composition when looking for our sleep solution. The Emma Sleep Luxe Pro is made of 6 layers: a removable/washable cover (Koala’s isn’t which is a nightmare with a toddler and a dog), AeroFoam layer for thermal regulation and evacuating moisture, AirGrid layer which adapts to your movement for continuous spinal support, MemoryAdapt Foam layer which adapts to your unique shape for optimal weight distribution support, Edge-to-edge springs for continuous support, SupportBase foam to add dependable support, and UltraDry covers for extra stability.

Emma Sleep Luxe Pro Mattress Feedback

Honestly, my husband and I love this mattress. We’re getting so much more support, and longer sleep than with our continuous misses with the Koala SE and Koala Mattress. Knowing that the Emma Sleep Luxe Pro Mattress has so many supportive layers such as the springs also provides me additional peace of mind that this isn’t going to be yet another continuous round of warranty claims.

Two of my favorite things about this mattress is there is equal support throughout the mattress so you don’t just slide off the edges, and it adapts to your movements and bodies without any unsupportive sagging or sinking. Literally, like you’re floating. Secondly, its medium soft so it gives you that luxe hotel bed vibe yet it still so supportive that even people like me with back lower backs, and my husband who runs 10+ kms a day as well as gym exercises gets thorough recovery.

Why Choose the Emma Sleep Luxe Pro Mattress?

Consistent Support: Equal support throughout the mattress prevents sliding off the edges.

Adaptive Comfort: The mattress adapts to body movements without unsupportive sagging.

Hotel-Like Luxury: Medium-soft feel provides a luxurious sleep experience.

Enhanced Recovery: Ideal for those with lower back pain or active lifestyles.


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