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Origin LumberCloud Mattress: In-laws/boomer Review

For 2024 I decided to gift my in-laws a new mattress, and bed base as well as restyle their bedroom as they’ve discussed loving how I styled our Hunter Valley Airbnb, and never really getting a grasp on how to style their own home.


Context, my in-laws have had the same mattress for over 20 years. My husband who is nearly 30, actually remembers going to the store with his parents to test mattresses, and then picking their old one but eventually hating it but in a pre-good return mattress policy world that we live in today.


How does Origin mattress compare to other bed in a box brands?

I’ve tried to give them other mattress-in-a-box brands like Ecosa, Koala, and Newentor, but all of them lacked the support that they needed so we had to give those mattresses away, and they went back to their still unsupportive Sleepmaker mattress as it gave them better support than the mattress in a box brands they tried.


They’re boomers, have sore backs, have sore joints, and love a supportive yet plush feeling to a mattress (which their Sleepmaker mattress didn’t provide) so I got them the Origin LumbarCloud mattress in a king size ($4498 AUD).


What is the Origin Mattress made of?

I knew it would be the right mattress for them because it’s a luxury 35cm tall mattress, has 2500 titanium springs for spinal alignment, graphite diamond latex for support, cooling foam to prevent sweating, has edge support (many of those other bed-in-a-box brands lack edge support), and a Tencel cover to wick away moisture so no sweaty nights.


How does the Origin LumbarCloud Mattress feel like?

Honestly, really luxurious. I travel a lot for work, and when my husband, and I travel for pleasure we only stay in 4-6 star hotels, and this is a luxe feeling mattress from a bystander opinion. As mentioned, it’s a mattress for my in-laws so I haven’t slept on the mattress, just laid on it when we set up the bed. But in their words in an exchange with my brother-in-law in our family group chat which was 100% completely unprompted by me:

Chris: Is it comfy?

Father-in-law: I had a very good night sleep (3 thumbs up emojis)

Mother-in-law: the best bed ever and our bed bedroom so nice to look at


And for further context, the last mattress I tried to give them, they hated night 1, and got rid of it day 2.


Is the Origin Mattress good?

On the other hand, while it had been a comfy mattress that they want to actually keep after a few nights sleeping on it, the delivery wasn’t a good experience.


Having dealt with many furniture brands, I’m used to an average up to 18 week turnaround for deliveries. But the Origin website stated 5-11 day delivery. My delivery due date was for January 19th (11 days), and my in-laws mattress was delivered February 18th which is 30 days late. Mind you, I was given a tracking link from when the order was processed, and it still as of February 25th, says the order hasn’t been picked up as it hasn’t been received by the courier company. I tried multiple times to get updates from Origin on where the order was, when it would arrive, had to follow up a few times to get a tracking link, and was basically blind for when it would arrive as my point of contact said they had no visibility on when it would come, the tracking link didn’t show any updates, and I to this day have no correct info from them about delivery progress.


Do I recommend Origin Mattress?

Yes, my in-laws actually love the mattress. They’ve worked hard their whole lives, have hated all other bed-in-a-box brands they’ve slept on, and want to actually keep the Origin mattress but yes, the delivery progress sucked. So yes, I would recommend the LumbarCloud for any older customers but if it’s needed for something time sensitive like a guest I’d go elsewhere. Honestly, my in-laws have been raving about the mattress so it is worth the wait. Who knows, maybe my tracking will update that it’s arrived but it’s been 7 days, and still says it hasn’t been picked up lol


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