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Chasing Forever in Mocha

My outfit of the day was the Chasing Forever in Mocha dress from Showpo.

The dress is so beautiful, and makes me feel like an absolute runway model whenever I move. I adore how how it's midi length at the front, but just sits on the floor in the back, so when I walk the dress billows out like the waves crashing at Bondi.

Something about it makes me long for my wedding day. Yes, I'm engaged and have been since February 1st 2016, but it's not a date we're rushing towards.

We're both still in our last year of university, and want to pay off a majority of our car ($79,000 for our Mercedes C180 with an AMG styling kit) before we take the plunge. Not that marriage will be that different I believe.

We live together, own a car together, have pets, go on holidays, have joint bank accounts, and all the other things that marriage does for people.

But it's all about the big day, with the big white wedding dress that has me wishing it would come sooner.

As we're both career oriented, having started our Production company Avenoir Productions, and me working in an office as a Digital Account Executive, we have bigger priorities for now.

As always, I'm chasing forever but not alone.

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