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23 Carat Gold Pizza

If you are what you eat then baby I am gold! Today I was the the first customer in Australia to receive the Golden Margarita pizza from Pizza Design Co. Arriving at 2:50pm the wonderful Pizza Design Co staff made me the first pizza before the big release at 5pm.

Menulog, and Pizza Design Co both treated me to a 23 carat gold margarita pizza, a delicious concoction of cheese, cherry tomatoes, bocconcini, basil, mozzarella, sugo sauce, and of course 23 carat gold.

An opulent pizza for those who like a bit of bling in their lives was created by Nick Tsotras, the owner of Pizza Design Co in Parramatta, New South Wales. At just $50 it is an affordable treat that everyone should try at least once in their lives for something a bit different.

I had the pleasure of having a chat with Nick Tsotras about his latest creation, and about Pizza Design Co.

“I wanted customers to be able to create your own pizzas, to get real options when it’s time to buy a pizza. This style of pizzerias is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. And I looked around and nobody had done it here in Australia so I did it. I wanted something new, and exciting for customers to get to try. So we tried lots of different combinations, and finally settled on the gold leaf you just ate”.

The pizza was definitely delicious, and I became amused by how my lips, tongue, and fingers became covered in 23 carat gold residue.

Nick informed me that the gold is fact 23 carat gold sheets that are painstakingly added to the pizza in small pieces, and flown in from Europe. Each pizza comes with a letter of authenticity, and is coated in gold.

To debut the Golden Margarita at Pizza Design Co, Menulog have teamed up with them to give away 100 Golden Margarita pizzas today! All you have to do is go order the pizza using Menulog, and use the code GOLDPIZZA.

After my chat, Nick informed me that there were still 50 free pizzas left so order yours today :)

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