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HH Boutique and #missheadhonchos

Who is HH Boutique?

HH Boutique is an Australian fashion boutique that is the home to numerous bad ass female designers who are looking dress women to success. They are not one to stock mainstream trends, but to create custom pieces for women around the world so that they can live a life they can be proud of.

Why do I like HH Boutique?

I an fairly new to working with HH Boutique, and talking with them to produce this blog post has been an adventure. HH Boutique is made up of a staff of supportive people, who are joined by their love of fashion, and their passion for equality.

I have faced discrimination, even at a much younger age not just for being a woman, but also as a woman of asian descent. I appreciate, and like to acknowledge those in the community who are supportive, and who uplift others for the shared benefit of the world, than who are ruthless in supporting only themselves for the betterment of themselves alone.

In a dog-eat-dog world, it is important for us to support boutiques like HH Boutique whose company values reflect the proactive movement towards equality that we desperately need.

HH Boutique has a large variety of designs, from their employ of spectacular designers. Each designer is there to provide women clothes that they can wear in their lifestyles, empower themselves to feel more confident, and express their individuality.

What am I wearing?

For this post, I have teamed up with HH Boutique designer Rebecca Kate in her beautifully made, customs Juliet Skirt in maroon. This Juliet Skirt is priced at $100AUD and is stocked in Australian sizes 6 - 14.

This HH Boutique design features thick pleats, an invisible zipper, cotton material, tapered hemline, and fitted waist to accentuate the waist but provide a flowing build.

I have chosen to wear my Juliet Skirt with a white, ruffled blouse, and black and gold heels for a new take on the stereotypical school girl outfit.

What is your favourite piece of clothing made from a female designer, or what is your favourite female supporting brand?

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