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IN.CO Launch: Influencer Exclusive Designer Gift Bags

On Thursday I was sitting at my work desk in Koala's Treehouse when a package arrived for me: the very first IN.CO designer gift bag that launched this week! Needless to say, the office started afternoon drinks a little early!

What Is IN.CO?

This week was the launch of IN.CO, and I am so honoured to be one of the first three influencers chosen to receive this bag of goodies!

IN.CO is an exclusive gifting service for influencers brought to us by, and In fact, IN.CO is just short for Influencer Collective! Both companies work with designer brands to curate the perfect assortment of products in the bags for influencers to try, review, and post. Each bag will have a theme that falls under a category, and the first bags are under the category "Winter Lifestyle".

What's In The First IN.CO Bag?

Like I said, the first lot of bags will all fall under the category "Winter Lifestyle". The first EVER IN.CO bag was themed Cocktails. Inside was a big bottle of Patient Wolf Gin, a Cole Myer giftcard, a bag of berries to garnish, five bottles of StrangeLove tonic, and the IN.CO gold foil tote bag!

About the designer cocktail products

Patient Wolf Gin is dry gin that is handmade in Brunswick within Victoria using a concoction of juniper berries, coriander seeds, orris root, angelica root, cardamom, elderflower, cubeb pepper, and tonka beans that are then infused with fresh ruby grapefruit, Valencia oranges and native aniseed myrtle vapour.

The Patient Wolf Gin comes in a 700ML bottle packing in 41.5% alcohol, and is only sold in select stores, and restaurants primarily in Melbourne. A splash of this gin drank straight left strong floral notes with a citrus aftertaste. It is a real headspinner with it's strength, and would be a perfect drink for warmer days.

The Patient Wolf Gin is surely a unique drink not only due to it's distinct taste but also the way it is created. The gin is crafted in a Müller stills that has been custom made, with the only patented Aromat column in Australia. There are also actually only two Müller stills in Australia.

There were five varies bottles of StrangeLove Tonic. Strange Love is an 100% Australian made, and operated artisan mixer brand that serves their adult drinks in glass bottles featuring beautiful illustrations. I received their entire range of Premium Mixers: Tonic No8, Dirty Tonic, Light Tonic, Bitter Lemon, and Dry Ginger. Each Premium Mixer from StrangeLove had a distinctive personality, and worked the Patient Wolf Gin in a different way to create a new, signature drink around the workplace.

StrangeLove was born in Byron Bay NSW by cofounders James Bruce, and Stafford Fox who ultimately created Australia’s first organic craft mixer company. Their eclectic variety of mixers are created using only locally sourced, organic ingredients, and unrefined sugar.

Lastly, each bottle of StrangeLove Premium Mixers come at $59.99 a pop!

So how Can Influencers Receive An IN.CO Bag?

IN.CO bags are exclusively gifted to influencers. To become eligible for consideration to receive an IN.CO bag, you need to sign up to both PopUpCollective.Com, and The premise of the bags is that they are exclusive, so only a small amount of influencers will receive each bag!

What do you think about the IN.CO exclusive bags, or about the two products discussed? Have your say in the comments section xx

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