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Engraved Wedding Cufflinks with UberKate

Dates hold a special place in my relationship. My fiance, and I always acknowledge, and celebrate our major milestone anniversaries even if we’re really busy.

It doesn’t have to always be grand gestures of love. Sometimes it’s dinner, flowers, or even just a calming moment together when we reminisce the moments that made our seven years together so incredible.

No matter how busy you are, make time for the person you love, and always mutually exist in a state that they know they are loved.

A Little Something Special

Through our wedding planning, I’ve wanted to give him a gift that is something more than just a gift. I wanted to give him something that will always touch his heart, and be worth passing down to our children.

I found Uberkate, and fell in love with their minimalistic designs that are handmade, and customised with an air of intimacy in every piece. They’re an Australian company, and run by a couple who made a piece for each other. Isn’t that just beautiful? I love when company owners actually use their own products as it provides that authentic endorsement of it’s value.

But back onto the gift. I saw that they sold so many different kinds of jewellery, and had my eye on their cufflinks.

My fiancé works in corporate finance, and wears a suit to work every day. I know he loves all the intricacies of a well made suit, and he has an eye for just the right accessories to give a suit the perfect touch.

Instead of making him cufflinks he could wear everyday, I wanted it to be something sentimental. So I chose to design him something for our wedding day!

My UberKate Design

Symbolic of our everlasting love, I chose the Infinity Cufflinks by Uberkate that are made of a single continuous piece of sterling silver. As each cufflink is hand made, each cufflink is also unique is shape as it is hand twisted. The pair goes for $295AUD, and you are able to have up to 12 characters per cufflink in three font sizes.

For the left cufflink, I put in our anniversary 1st of February 2011. Not only is this the date he first asked me out as his girlfriend, it also marks three important holidays we’ve taken together, and the anniversary of us getting engaged!

For the right cufflink, I put our wedding date, 15th of September 2018. Needless to say, it is an important date!

The cufflinks took 2 weeks to be made, and delivered to my office. They arrived in a cotton bag within a beautiful black jewellery box.

My fiancé was so happy when I gave him the cufflinks, and they’re now resting in our special box where we keep our wedding day pieces for safe-keeping!

*This post has been sponsored by Uberkate. All opinions are my own*

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