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Bridal Earrings for Bridal Hairstyles

Featuring: The Mrs Box

As my wedding day draws closer, and closer, I've focused on the finer details like what jewellery I'll be wearing. As I'll be wearing a customised crown thanks to Eden Luxe Bridal, my hair will be upright. So what earrings should I wear?

If my hair was down, I would opt for drop earrings that are minimalistic to not draw away from the beautiful of the hairstyle.

For a half up, half down hairstyle, statement stud earrings would be perfect as a pop of sparkle that doesn't overpower the makeup.

A side hairstyle would definitely have me getting the most dramatic, gem earrings imaginable for some sideways glamour!

As my hair will be put into an upright hairstyle, I can either go for some cuff earrings, or drop earrings. Due to the particular design of the crown, my best bet is drop earrings to add length to my neck.

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