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Must have writings for your wedding day

The time has come - in two days is my wedding day!

In a few short hours I finally get to become the wife of my partner for nearly 8 years. I'm so excited that I just keep having to do things every moment just to pass time. But as the clock ticks, I worry that I might forget something so I turned to one of the Facebook wedding groups I'm part of: DIY Brides and Grooms Australia.

I recently read a post by a member who asked: for those who are already married, what did you forget/regret on your wedding day? I had a scroll, and many commented not objects, not accessories, but moments. These moments I want to share with you, and hope that you too won't forget, or regret not to do these.

A letter that they read on the wedding day

So many brides to be keep asking online, "what should I gift my partner on our wedding day". Forget trinkets, save money, and give your loving words instead. Give him or her the peace of mind that you love them, and that everything is finally falling into place.

Write them a love letter to help ease the nerves, reinforce your undying love, and even crack a few jokes.

Love letters have been an ongoing part of my relationship with my partner. Since we started dating from our early teens, we have hand written each other letters through times of happiness, sorrows, and for no reason but love.

In the age where technology reigns supreme in relationships as the primary mode of communication, the heartfelt sincerity of a hand written letter says a lot about a couple. To take the time so sit down, get some nice stationary, and write your declaration of love in a process that has no spell check, and no deleting/backspacing can be a big step in saying what words can't completely say: that you love them.

For our personalised letter books from Catch This Moment, we chose to have our initials, our wedding date, and "to [insert partner's name] as the cover on beautifully crafted books of cardboard, linen, and gold foil.

Your vows preserved in your own handwriting

We of course hired a videography, and photography team to capture our entire day but we wanted our vows to also be immortalised in the state they were created.

For each of us, we have a palm sized Vows Book where we have written our vows to one another to read on the day. Our vow books will be given to our primary maid of honour/best man to give to us at the altar, and then they will go into a special keepsake box for us to read on our milestone anniversaries.

By having our vows written by hand, we'll be able to see the words more personally that sometimes gets lost behind a computer screen.

A guestbook to capture the moment, and their love

Finally, we got a guestbook with 150 pages! Working with Catch This Moment, we designed the pages to best capture the messages from our loved ones who attend our wedding. Each page has a space for a polaroid photo, their name, and a few lines for them to write a message of love, and encouragement to us as we embark on married life.

This blog post has been sponsored by Catch This Moment. All opinions stated are my own!

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