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Gibbon St Cafe Brunch

A beautiful day calls for a beautiful brunch with someone you love! I ventured off our normal string of favourite cafes, and restaurants in favour of Gibbon St Cafe located of course on Gibbon St in Redfern. In amongst the quaint townhouses, and dog filled parks is Gibbon St Cafe, known for it's hunger satisfying all day brunch.

Not an unbitten morsel, or hungry soul in sight! Gibbon St Cafe's portions are generous, meals are delicious, and it's menu filled with options for even the most picky, or cultured of palettes.

My husband, and I chose a mango smoothie, and caramel latte as our beverages of choice; both adorns with freshly picked flowers.

As our meals we chose to share:

a bacon & egg roll

the big breakfast

mango smoothie with granola

A big thank you to Gibbon St Cafe for having us for brunch!

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