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Goryon San Sydney Japanese Izakaya Review

Situated in Surry Hills is a new Japanese Kushiyaka restaurant named Goryon San. Named after the old Japanese word goryon san meaning " wife", their restaurant is inspired by a loving wife feeding you.

Goryon San specialises in Hakata style kushiyaki food where meats, and vegetables are marinated, and put onto skewers for grilling. As pork belly is the preferred meat in Hakata, we knew we had to order a few rounds of anything wrapped with pork belly before we dove into the rich, wagyu beef.

Kushiyaki food is a drinking food so Goryon San has plenty of beers on tap, plus numerous other alcoholic beverages such as umeshu or cocktails.

We were seated at the best seat in the house - by the grills! This way you can point directly to which skewers you want, and can watch the chefs in action as they cook before you! I recommend trying everything, but my favourite was definitely the Wagyu Extreme Loin skewers, Lettuce with Pork Belly, Camembert Cheese, and Tasmanian Salmon & Bacon.

When we left we were happy, satisfied, but of course - full. 10/10 would definitely eat there again!

A big thank you to Goryon San for inviting myself, and my husband to eat at your beautiful, new restaurant!

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