Bay Vista in Parramatta

If you’re in the mood for the most delicious, and delectable desserts imaginable, it’s off to Bay Vista in Parramatta.

Located on what’s affectionately known as “Eat Street”, it’s nestled among other local favourite restaurants. So when the dinner is done, it’s always time for dessert at Bay Vista!

My husband, and I went in the mid afternoon so the restaurant wouldn’t be as busy. Bay Vista is a mammoth. There is two stories of seating with various seating types so you can become cosy in the booths, bask in the sunshine, or share a meal with your whole family.

While there is an extensive menu (don’t underestimate this….it’s actually so massive) for you to order from, you can also go to the many dessert stations for waffles, pancakes, ice cream, coffee, and other desserts!

We chose to get a bunch of different desserts to try. First there was pancakes with Canadian maple syrup, strawberries, and ice cream...

Canadian Crunch sundae...

Ice 'Frozen' Cannoli...

And Snickers crepes...

A big thank you to the team at Bay Vista in Parramatta for inviting us x

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