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Wandering the woods with Boohoo

It’s easy in winter time to feel the harsh cold of the winds and rain. But it’s also possible to feel the warmth through what you think.

Remember when you were feeling upset, and a loved one said to think of something that made you happy. Really focus on that positive moment to bring you back even a glimpse of happiness…

Same goes with the cold weather.

Instead of throwing all hopes of warmth out the window, and clutching onto your rain soaked scarf, wear something bright!

For myself, I chose the Mustard Abigail Waterfall coat, and Sarah Funnel Neck Batwing Crop Jumper in Chestnut! Of course for my winter wandering around Rouse Hill Regional Park I also brought along my beautiful bouquet from Sierra Blooms.

It was 16 degrees Celcius while shooting these, but not a single bit cold!

All photos by Avenoir Productions

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