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New Business, bigger projects

Some of the great things about starting up my own business is that I control my business growth, and I get to be hands on with my clients throughout our campaigns.

For those who haven't read about my new venture, my fiancé and I started a production company this year called Avenoir Productions. Together, we collaborate with our clients to create photos, videos, animations, and graphics for their websites, social media, and digital marketing.

So far it has been successful!

It's incredible to be able to work with business owners who are so passionate about their careers, and the work that they do. I love what we do at Avenoir Productions, because of the people we get to meet, and work with.

For example, today was the third month working with North Shore Medical Group to produce over 100 videos, 200 photos, and 12 animations across four of their new, and existing companies.

The staff at North Shore Medical Group are so energised by their passion, and drive to help those in need. It has been sheer joy donning our white lab coats, as we record their surgeries, photograph their team meetings, and work with them to produce fun, creative animations to drive their campaigns.

Of course, all of this wouldn't have been possible without my hard-working finance Albon Averion. Ever since day one of our relationship, he has been supportive, and encouraged me to pursue my passions, and dreams. I have watched him mature, and grow from not just a boy that I once held hands with in church and developed a crush, into a man who lifts me up into the person he aways knew I could become.

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