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100% Honest My Makeup Brush Set Review

*See update at the bottom of this post

The brushes are soft, and they did look like the same colour as the images. I used the contour brush, foundation brush, and concealer brush to help make my above makeup look. They were easy to use, and provided great coverage to ensure my makeup was blended well. My only problems were that the foundation brush came slightly crushed which I have unfortunately not been able to fix. But a brush that works well, is a brush that works well. The other problem was one of the brushes arrived broken at the handle. The brushes are just cheap plastic, and seem it easily come apart.

I wash my brushes every week, and as soon as you wash them the bristles get hard, and rough. These brushes seem like the kind you only use a few times before you upgrade to the real deal as they become coarse over time. I don't have sensitive skin but it did become irritated using these brushes.

I was most excited for this set, as more brushes means more possibilities for my makeup looks! I was most excited for this set as I've been eyeing getting a large set for some time now.

This set comes with a Large Fan-shaped Brush, Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Contour Blending Brush, Foundation Brush, Highlight Brush, Bronzer Brush, Large Flat Shadow Brush, Large-sized Angled Eye Shadow Brush, Medium-sized Eye Shadow Brush, Medium-sized Angled Eye Shadow Brush, Small-sized Eye Shadow Brush, Small-sized Angled Eye Shadow Brush, Blending Brush, Smudge Brush, Nose Shadow Brush, Concealer Brush, Small Fan-shaped Brush, Lip Brush, Brow Comb & Brush, Eyelash & Brow Wand, Eyebrow Brush, Sponge Eye Shadow Brush, Eyeliner Brush, and a Vegan Leather Case.

To be completely honest with you all, I did expect the brushes to be softer as I opened the oval brush set first. The brushes look good, but I do prefer the oval brushes in terms of coverage, and softness. These brushes were very rough, and hurt to use straight from the plastic bag they came in. I tried softening them using some brush conditioner, but this did not do anything in terms of softness. I won't be using this set at all due to the poor quality. As for using it with makeup, it did make my foundation very streaky and brush hairs came out quickly.

Is My Makeup Brush Set a Scam?!

Obviously My Makeup Brush Set is an affordable dupe to the Artis brushes. I knew that they would be manufactured in China due to the affordable price. After receiving the below comments on my sponsored Instagram post for this brand, I decided to do some digging.

So these comments had me a bit rattled. I was sitting at work thinking to myself, if this happened to one person what else had happened?! So I looked online and found numerous positive reviews of My Makeup Brush Set by influencers who obviously were gifted and/or paid to do a review. I did find one blogger who did an honest review of My Makeup Brush Set and said they did not like the oval brushes. So to each their own, as the oval brushes were my preferred set.

My Makeup Brush Set Bad Customer Support

As you all know, I have stated numerous occasions that I am gifted and paid by brands. But this doesn't mean I sell out and provide positive reviews where positive reviews aren't deserved. I said I liked one set, and didn't like the other. And I prefer payment first before posting as I send the brand a preview which they then pay me. However, My Makeup Brush Set hasn't responded to my email in a week for the payment for the second post to go live.

So we'll see where this will end up! Hopefully I won't have a case of unpaid collaborations like my friend @browneyedtoast.


It has been three weeks since I was supposed to be paid for my second post. I have emailed four different email addresses they provided, and each account has ignored my email requesting payment. After posting a comment on their Instagram asking for payment, I was blocked, and none of my emails have been returned. I personally would never trust this brand again, and it's other accounts in ANN Commerce such as Florence Scovel, Ashley Jewellery, and Get Fit n Lean. I advise influencers who are paid to review ANN Commerce brands be truthful, as the false positive reviews will only allow more victims.

They aren't even good brushes. I recommend finding a different brand with better ethics, and a better product as buying these is a waste of money.

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